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  1. The times we are open depends on the staff we have and their availability. Eventually, we will be a 24/7 club. So that is the goal we are working towards.
  2. Rumors Nightclub is back! I am so thrilled to finally be able to reopen after a year break. RL took a toll on me and had to step back for a bit but I am back and ready to go! If you are looking for a classy nightclub with a cozy feel to it then you have found your home! We are not your typical nightclub so make sure to come check us out! If you are interested in applying for any of the jobs listed below, send Katelyn Blaylock a message as soon as possible! Positions Hiring for: - General Manager - Assistant General Manager - Lead Host - Lead DJ - Lead Dancer - Dancers - Hosts - DJs
  3. Daisy Dukes is not your typical club. We are a country rock bar that has a small, home-town cozy type of feel to it. We play country and rock music. At Daisy Dukes, we combine the role of dancer and host. We have dancers, but there is no stripping or emoting. We prefer our dancers to entertain the crowd and chit-chat with them, make them feel welcome and at home, rather then just simply filling their head with sexual images. We are currently hiring dancers/hosts, djs, and have a couple more management roles open. If you are interested in applying you can visit the club at the link below. The applications are inside on the wall. We've gotten a few comments bout our low traffic, this is due to the fact that we aren't open yet. I won't open till we get fully staffed. So please don't hold that against us! We got alot of great plans and alot of good things coming so come join the Daisy Dukes family! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Business%20District%20Kilo/81/31/23
  4. *bump* we are still hiring! If you tried to contact me, apparantly there was a problem with my profile and I wasn't showing up. I think I fixed it but you can also come to the club and click the notecard giver on the wall inside the club for an application. Hope to see you soon!!! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Business%20District%20Kilo/86/32/23
  5. Are you tired of the typical club where people don't know what they are doing and it shuts down within a month? Tired of stripping on a pole and making very little while doing it? Then Daisy Dukes may be the bar for you! I have been in SL since 2009 and have worked in clubs just about the whole time. This is not your typical style club. We do not have strippers or nudity. We do hire dancers, but there is no nudity whatsoever. It is a "Coyote-Ugly" themed bar with dancers dancing on the bar. There is also no emoting. We prefer the guests to come to feel welcome and at home, and our dancers to help keep the conversation going, more so than putting sexual images into their heads. We are currently seeking DJs, Dancers/Hosts, and we have a couple of Management spots open. Our dancers and hosts are combined into one role since at our club they do more or less the same thing. If you are interested, come by the bar and check it out and message Katelyn Blaylock for an on-the-spot interview. Hope to see you soon! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Business%20District%20Kilo/86/32/23
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