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  1. We are a brand new club run by a very experienced owner. Looking for the following things. Management- different time zones dancers all timezone escorts- text, voice and cam club promoter talent agent Management is a paid position depending on experience. Please IM Savannah Sorella for more details on these positions
  2. CoverGirls is now hiring both dancers and escorts. We are looking for experienced dncers and experienced escorts. text escorts voice escorts cam escorts All keep 100% of their tips All that is required is to pay ad boards 200/wk dancers 300/week escorts and keep your tips. If interested search CoverGirls in the search and fill out an application or send Savannah Sorella an IM and she will send you and application Covergirls is a brand new club so the business is growing a normal pace as most new clubs do. This club will not die due to lack of business because the owners will not shut it down.
  3. Yes we are brand new which means we are not going to be as busy as some might like. But with the right dedicated dancers this could be the next big thing. We are looking for girls with a great look and experience to come join our team and help us build this club into something great. Become some of the first girls to work here and experience the growth with us. Send a message to Savannah Sorella or come to CoverGirls and fill out an application
  4. New Club CoverGirls is currently looking for experienced club dancer manager. You will be in charge of recruiting, interviewing and hiring dancers only. The pay is 1000 L a week. Please IM Savannah Sorella if interested
  5. well emoting is part of rp so i guess dancers have some type of rp connected...........
  6. CoverGirls is now hiring both dancers and escorts. Must have good quality skin and shape. Must be very good at emoting and must be at least 30 days to dance on the stage. Anyone under 30 days we will train before allowing on stage. New club in SL run by very experienced owners. Come check it out and fill out an application OR IM Savannah Sorella for an application.
  7. Brand New club needs a good staff to help get this club off the ground. We are slowly building the traffic now we just need the dancers to come and join our team. We know your out there and looking for something new. Come and join us. Seach CoverGirls in the search places and come grab your application today OR send Savannah Sorella an IM and she will send you an application
  8. Here at CoverGirls we believe every girl needs a change regardless of age. Thats why we are offering all new girls a dancer/escort training program. Upon hire we will train you in all dancer and escort skills you need to take our stage and make the most lindens possible. if interested in our dancer training program OR wanna be a dancer come sign up now. http://slurl.com/secondlife/MadMax%20Two/220/195/22
  9. New SL club Now open and looking for experienced dancers and escorts. We are looking for girls that are very talented in roleplaying and emoting, The club is focused solely on the dancer so we want the best emoters and roleplayers. We have a lot of plans with this club to present the dancers to the SL world so come be a part of this now. If you want to start and grow with a brand new club then come fill out an application today. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/MadMax%20Two/221/193/22
  10. Brand new club, yes a lot of those around, with experienced club owners looking to hire some girls to be dancers and/or escorts. We are looking for experienced Dancers that know how to emote. Must have good skin and shape. Must be at least 30 days old. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/MadMax%20Two/205/182/21
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