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  1. I get home from work in RL and the Auction is closed smh
  2. thanks so much. I have been reading that for premium members where we were getting 512 we can now double that so that's why I'm trying to find land in the Auction if it was ever available.
  3. Was wondering when will the auction be available? Each time I check there is nothing. Trying to find some abandon land
  4. If someone reported you for harassment would LLs send your partner an email to your partner about harassing and possible loss of account or would it be sent to you (since you are the person it was suppose to be about)? Yes I know the answer is obvious but want someone elses thoughts
  5. Can someone explain to me the different measurements when it come to land, ie 3072 sqm is that the same as 30m x 30m? Thanks
  6. Not sure if this is a question that can be answered here or not but does anyone know if there will be an increase in the number of groups that will be allowed to have?
  7. ShortCake Windstorm

    SL age?

    what is the SL age for 1631
  8. Is there anything such as a 1/12th Region? if so where does it fall in line as the other regions?
  9. It depends on whether you are talking about clock time or sidereal (sun) time. Clock time is the same as Real Life. Second Life runs on Pacific Time, since LL's headquarters is in San Francisco CA. Sun time can vary, since a region (or in some cases, a parcel) owner can set a custom time of day or a custom day cycle. However, the "standard" SL day cycle is four hours long, with three hours of daylight and one hour of night. For more on time in Second Life, see my blog posts: "Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?" "Sidereal (Sun) Time in Second Life - The Environment Editor"
  10. Can someone give me a breakdown of prims for Total SQM? Example: 1054 prims Total SQMs: 4608. And what would the amount paying. I'm a Premium member looking to buy land. I want to go from 517 prims up but need more information
  11. Can anyone tell me the land capacity with prim count of any given parcel, Im a premium member looking to possible buy land. I hope Im asking the question correctly
  12. I signed up and got my Premium Account last year and now if its due on the same time this year but I won't have the funds until after the due date will LLs but me back to a Regular Account until its paid? Can anyone assist me with the answer or do I need to contact LLs customer service to find out?
  13. Im considering changing my Display name but before I do I'm hoping someone can tell me what's the longest Display name (counting every Character) SL (LLs) will allow? Can anyone assist me with this question?
  14. Im trying to get to my new LL Home and the SLURL given isn't working so how do I get to my new home other wise? When I select to go to new home it opens with a Launch Application but it takes me to my items on my hard drive. HELP!!!!!
  15. I have a free LL Home but I want to switch to a different one is that something I can do?
  16. Ok when I look in my Dashboard at Account Transactions I see the different gifts someone sent me but I dont see the names of the gifts inventory item just the ID Prefix, the date and time item was sent, my question is; is there a way to find out what the exact name of the gift inventory item sent. Any assistance anyone can give me will be grantly appreciated. Thanks ShortCake Windstorm
  17. Im an owner of a group and I want to close it and delete it but I cant seem to or rather Im having problems doing so can someone give me so assistance as to what to do?
  18. I am a premium member and I just rented some land from a landowner: my question is can I pay the per month amount to LLs instead of paying rent to the landowner?
  19. You know you can use Firestorm with Phoenix, while my question is this: Where do I go into Preferences and locate and select when someone has taken a picture? I know I can on the old phoenix and I thought since I was using Firestorm with phoenix capcity that I could do the same but cant seem to locate. Can anyne assist me?
  20. I have 2 questions: 1. Am I understanding this correctly that as a premium member that when I buy land I will so pay a tier? 2. Also can someone explain to me how big is : 1/64 Region 1/32 Region 1/16 Region 1/4 Region 1/2 Region So that it makes sense to me.
  21. Ok I hope someone can assist me with this issue. I cant see any groups I belong to or any groups anyone else belongs to when I view it inworld. I just got a new computer and downloaded SL, I use the old phoenix viewer but even when I use Firestorm I have the same issue. What could possible be the issue and how do I possible fix this issue....HELP!!!!!
  22. When Land is for sale does that mean I will be paying a monthly fee to LLs or a tier? And what does it mean when land type is Grandfathered?
  23. I'm a premium member want to keep free house but want to buy and (a little more than whats for free) so how much more will I pay in USD per month? and also how big are parcels I get confused with that? Thanks
  24. How can someone I invited to my parcel be able to reze items there?
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