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  1. I need an easy program to create clothes...if you now any program that is free pls let me know. Blender seems hard for me :(
  2. If anyone knows any programs that are good for mesh clothes to create pls share with me :D
  3. Trying to use other viewer is the solution
  4. refress my laptop and now it works perfect
  5. It keeps on crashing and i think its because of my laptop my connection is good i can see it from my laptop
  6. My internet connection is good but i think maybe is because of the graphics maybe ...
  7. and how do i do that because im a bit new here ?
  8. My Second Life keeps on crashing every time I unpack a box with clothes for my avatar. Although I have unistall and Install Second Life like several times it keeps on kicking me out and then there are some small boxes appear on my screen saying that Second Life is frozen or something like that :/ ... I downloaded now second Life BETA and still the same. I would appreciate if you could help me or fix this problem because I am a huge fan of Second Life.
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