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  1. I used your method. I have to say. It works so far everything is lining up perfectly and my building is being built pretty good with no problems at this time. Thanks for your information. It's really helpful.
  2. Ty for the reply. That info is quite useful. I'm wondering though. How do I know what to set my Units (meters) too when I have an even sized prim. Like say 10 X 5?
  3. Hello everyone, I've recently learned about Snap to Grid and learning how to use it is fun and easy to build with. But I've run into a snag here. I've recently started building and I'm new at it. When I get better I want to sell my builds. But the thing is, if I do it with the tutorial video I watched. ( he says use 5 inch by 5 inch blocks) It's way to many prims to have on a building that I want to sell. So I heard one way to make less prims and bigger prims is to use math which I stink at math so it's hard to do it that way. You seem to need the right size block and the right Unit spacing for them to align properly. I think that's my main issue with what I'm experiencing. What I'm looking for is the easiest way for a beginner to use this until I've learned enough to move onto more advanced ways to build using this feature. I hope this is enough information I posted.
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