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  1. Ok I have now learned to see property lines. I stop before crossing, wait about 1 min but it loads very slow at the other side. When I cross it I still get the lag spikes but not as bad as I did earlier. It is faster to walk really so this sucks. I'm really disapointed that I can't enjoy the scenery with my bike. The racing track 2RAW - 777LEAGUE RACING CLUB works just fine but then its build upwards so I guess its in the same property all the time. This is a racing track though but a very big one and not something you ride on to enjoy the scenery.
  2. Ah ok, I use firestorm so Idk but I will try the other things you said. And I dont even know how to quote on this forum ^^
  3. Hmm how do you see where a sim ends and another start? I try to look at the minimap but cant see it
  4. Yeah Im a biker myself and I bought a rather expensive one with multiple configurations so I know how it feels like to try to get it as you want and at last but I just have to see where the sim crossings are on the map, never noticed I could do that.
  5. Ok Im at abbotts and found the vola and clicked the notecard. I jumped into the heli (dont know if I have permission to fly this though) but dont have any instructions how I should fly it ^^
  6. And about the sim and updates, yeah I've thought of that too. Ive tried 12 open sims with the same result and as I said, only the racetrack works. I just have to wait and see if things get better. Me and my sub just do that picknick in my bathroom instead <_<
  7. Thanks for your advices. The thing is that I have done all this and I noticed today as you say, its over the sim crossings. I got myself a really ugly car for free that runs as fast as I walk and that works ok. My bike and and other bikes/cars I tried doesnt go fast (I have my bike on 1st gear) but still this happens. My friend tried the same thing with a free bike and ended up the same way. I have low prims/scripts on my avi cause I need it for a race track where they only allow low scripts so it cant be that either. But you are right, its at the simcrossings this happens. Well, I just have to stick to my racing tracks then even though I would really like to go in a more beautiful scenery. I will look into that hangar you told me about . Sorry Im a bit picky about apperance when it comes to vehicles and forgive my bad spelling, I'm swedish ^^
  8. I've tried to ride my bike and I have tried several bikes and cars and I get lagspikes that sends me far away, usually in the water, mountains and outside the sim. I have to wait several minutes untill I get back on track again. I dont drive fast either. The only places I've found where it works is at racetracks, well I only found two but they work. I want an open sim thats not just a race track. Does someone else have this problem and is there any solution? /Rich
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