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  1. Thankyou Very Much. This code works fine. I just had to add a bIHaveBeenTriggered = TRUE; At the end of the IF (not the else part) and all works fine.
  2. I have recently created a HUD which when buttons on the HUD are clicked they move to another part of the screen. However do this I have used the following code. llSetPos(llGetPos() - <1,0,0>); stuff = llGetLocalPos(); stuff = llGetRootPosition(); llSetPos(llGetLocalPos() + (<2.5,0.0,0.0> * llGetLocalRot())); The problem with this is that if someone clicks the button twice on accident, the HUD will repeat this action again meaning the object will move again and off the screen. Is there anyway that i could add in steps so that if the button is clicked twice it wont move a second time. Or if there a better function that i should be using. ps. I can't just use LLSetPos because these are cild prims not the route prim.
  3. Hi, I'm looking for a 256m x 256m (full sim width) sky platform or dome with around 1000 prims.
  4. Im looing for about 1/2 a sim near the blake sea. If you have or know of a place please IM me inworld :)
  5. Every script i try the texture floats off or somthing. I need a script where the texture just stays still like a prim but needs to be a particle so it can be seen from every side.
  6. I need a particle script that displays a texture so that the image shows the same to an avatar from all sides.
  7. i have seen on marketplace that some sim surround builders have put trees into their surrounds. How do you do this?
  8. Is there anywhere that i can get a private homestead for around 6000L?
  9. I need a sky platform/dome with as many of the following... group ownership 300L/week or lower over 65x65M 150 prims of more
  10. Does anyone rent out full sim size sky platforms?
  11. yes just a flat platform but space to build about 70M up
  12. I need a full sim sized (256m x 256m) sky platform. I would need around 500-600 prims and something very cheap. If you can help please reply or IM me inworld. Thank you.
  13. In recent weeks the number of combat sims using VICE has decreased. Leaving allot of people with less places to fight. I spent months building a new combat sim only to find that i will lose it tomorrow. I really need to find a new place. If its a platform or a sim it would be amazing if someone could help me out. The only problem is i have little to no money. If you are out there and want higher traffic then i can help. Or your one of the people with lots of empty sims sitting around or even u own a combat sim that needs a face lift. Please IM me. I know im asking for allot but please could someone make my dream come true. Please IM me inworld ( jabeds ) and please no hate replies. Thank you so much.
  14. i have seen around prims and mesh that are larger than the limit of 64M squared. How do you do this?
  15. When I logged into firestorm today half my inventory has gone including most folders are empty. How do I get all the items back?
  16. I need someone experienced in mesh to make some simple desert houses for me. IM me in world if you are interested. Thank you :)
  17. I need peoples opinion on the best theme to have my combat sim out of the following: snow woodland jungle desert/grassland desert temperate rocky coast urban other (please state) thanks for your help it find it very useful :)
  18. I need a script that when you click on an object on a hud it will move up a bit or move to the side, and then when you click it again it will go back to its original place.
  19. I have just uploaded my first mesh build from blender. Its a hollow shape but when your inside it is see through, can someone help me?
  20. When you buy linens from the linden exchange is there a good and a bad time to do it or does the exchange rate always stay at about the same?
  21. If anyone thinks they have what it takes to become a US marine then contact me as 5th marine regiment is currently recruiting.
  22. jabeds

    empty sim

    if there is anyone out there with a new sim and they dont know what to do with it then please im me inworld as i have some good ideas that will make a popular sim thankyou
  23. Dead Island is a well known zombie game and I am planning on building it in second life. To see what the game is type dead island into youtube. To be able to build the dead island game in sl there are some people that we need 1) object builders 2) scripters 3) a sim owner who is interested in having there sim as this (the sim will still be there's !) 4) mesh builders 5) hud builders this whole thing will be a joint effort from everyone to create a great place so I am not in charge of this just part of the group. Thank you for your interest please IM me in world :)
  24. i have sent you an email and a message inworld
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