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  1. Quite frankly, although this is a new account, I joined SL 4 years back, while watching CSI. It was the episode about the killer they pursued via SL, with the roman court fight. After I saw that, I said, "Wow.", being interested in law enforcement. I went to the CSI sim (Thought you were supposed to investigate by spamming "Inspect element", but I did like the cool badge. :P), and met alot of law enforcement enthusiast friends. It was great, people were willing to talk, I got into the act of gun playing / etc., went to a gun range with a friend on a few occassions, back when guns were all green prim shooters, and the most popular gun was a Benelli shotgun that shot spheres. :) I had fun back on SL. I met alot of friends on the sand boxes, got griefed a few times, and laughed about it. My best experience was taking the old 6 box police SUV with the ugly sirens, and driving through the sandbox with my friend tailing in his long purple convertible pimp car. We'd pretend to arrest people. Some of them would cage us, and some of them would play along. Heh. I really miss those days on SL. Now all I'm dealing with are a bunch of oversized, glossy avatars with mesh clothing, and tons of lag and sculpt objects, combined with rows, and rows, of mute, AFK people who spend hours standing in one spot. I miss the old roleplay sims like Serenity, Missing Mile, Virtue City. What happened to that second life? :(
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