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  1. I have big time loading issues. I have used a disk cleaner and done all that the IT pro's say to do. I have checked in world to see if there is any lost packets - 0.0%. Using the suggested ping test I come back with a ping of 19ms and a jitter of 6ms. It doesn't matter if I use SL's veiwer or firestorm the result is the same, I can't load in or teleport. Is this a problem with your service? This computer is about 6 generations above the listed system requirements. That is one of the first things that was checked. There is no issue logging in. I get in world and there I sit as a cloud of smoke. The account can not be delinquent since no charge has been made to the paypal account. I don't call for help at the first sign of problems I have been trying to resolve this issue for 2 days so far(imagine that my account is now 3 days old). I have been working with a friend that works in the IT dept of a large multinational company. Yes, there has been some issue SL has been having with paypal but that is said to be fixed, yet this continues.
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