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  1. Anybody out there wanna be friends? Im not too interesting of a person X3 Im a dude and a fur~ Umm well my interests are games, roleplaying, muscular females and well.. That's pretty much it~ Well yeah X3 If anyone wants to talk or add me, go ahead~
  2. Well you see, Im new here to Second Life and Ive bought two full avs already,and theyre very well done and everything But of course, I dont really feel like theyre... MINE, yknow? And I wish I could make an AV myself, like maybe a muscular av or a furry av or something, but I dont really know how to ;w; Can anybody help me make one? Or just teach me a bit or tutor me? And by make I don't mean make one out of parts, I know it's hard, but I want to make one from of scratch TTwTT I'd greatly appreciate it if anyone could help me owo IM me or PM me or reply if you can help me, or just leave advice, I'd greatly appreciate ANY help ;www;
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    Alright thanks mang ;w;
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    Hey everybody Im new here, and I really need help customizing my avatar I am new to alot of stuff, as in, Im not very experienced with photoshop or modeling etc, but Id like to ask for help here If Im posting where it doesnt belong, please tell me~ Or if theres already a guide for someone like myself, please advice me too :33 Anyways, Id like to make a furry avatar, but of course, I have not seen a good turtorial yet that helps me from the beggining, plus Im not familiar with controls and such, so can anyone assist me? Like, if someone has a guide, aid love to read it, or if someone can help me personally Id love that too C:
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