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  1. I wrote a story (not PG13) about something like that. I for one would be quite interested in knowing of the existance of such. Since I am rather new here, I have no advise, however.
  2. Since I found that I was recognized after my first post, I figured that I would give people a place to say hello. :matte-motes-big-grin-wink: That said; I am a dom who is trying to learn all of the ins and outs of the game. Please bear with me. I don't really have a direction as of yet, so I have been wandering around learning what I can. Hope to meet a few of you soon. Tracker; Silver Dragon
  3. I am quite new at this in virtual, but have a few years behind me in RL. I have been thinking of taking up residence, but my unfamiliarity has made me hold off. If you would be able to put up with me learning the ropes (pun intended) I would be willing to go in on a place. Twould seem that I have much to learn here. I am from on eastern time USA so of there is no major time difference, I am sure we could make it work. I have played many different styles, so I would go with what you are comfortable with. *shrugs* I used to own a little French Canadian girl that was an **bleep** maniac.
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