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  1. I'm looking for a steady position preferably for someone professional. I have worked as a Personal Asst. for various people in and out of SL and would like to continue with that again.If you or someone you know is looking for a hardworking employee I hope you'll remember me...Please send me a notecard (i3ari3edoll) to talk more. Thank You. Strengths- Communication: communicate well when speaking and writing; able to act as liaison between different personality types; comfortable and effective communicating with superiors and staff. Computer Expertise: experienced in Photoshop Pro,Gimp,Microsoft Word,Excel,Outlook & Powerpoint Leadership: able to motivate a project team: short Real Life background in psychology provides wide range of interpersonal skills to encourage and instruct others. Organization: use time and resources effectively: consider efficiency, planning and accountability very important. Responsibility: accustomed to being in positions of responsibility; self-motivated and willing to set goals and work to achieve them; never assume "the other person" is responsible.
  2. Oh that will work Thank you SOOOOO MUCH ♥
  3. Oh thank you so much lovie ♥ I'll have a look.
  4. Hey guys so I have been looking FOREVER for a HighPony! My look is based upon Iggy Azalea so yea you get the idea. She has a very High distinguished Pony Tail. I would like one done CUSTOM please, I'll pay whoever does it 1,000K possibly more. If you can do this, PLEASE contact me via NC in SecondLife or Message me here. I'm going to also include Sample Images...One regular and One Braided! THANK YOU ♥ i3ari3edoll
  5. Hey everyone so let me get right to the point. I'm looking for some space to have a Private Adult Club! I'm hoping to possibly team up with someone and we can both be Owners and share the profits. I will run the club and take care of hiring,building and what not. I'm looking for space with at least 200 Prims but that is negotiable. If you would like to speak with me please send me a Notecard (i3ari3edoll) Thank You ♥
  6. Hey everyone. I'm organizing a Fashion Show in SecondLife and I am looking for some space for the event. I would like it to be a monthly event but maybe every other month (Still Deciding) Basically what I need is some space to host the Event, Possibly at a Fashion SIM or at a Mainstore. The event will be free for everyone to come, in return this would give your SIM or Store Traffic as well as if we can come to an agreement, we can be Partners in the Fashion Event. If you are interested or know of anyone who would be willing to help me please send me a notecard in world to i3ari3edoll Thank You ♥
  7. Bazzarani is a new ADULT Magazine and Blog. We are currently seeking Adult Female models and Businesses who wish to Advertise with us.
  8. Evelyn Enterprises is looking for Two Friendly Advertising Person's. Pay is 250L each a week to start then will be 500L sfter the first week period if we wish to keep you! Please send your resume to I3ARI3EDOLL or Beyonce Linette.
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