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  1. Thanks, i will go to visit them asap. If you got more, please let me know. Do u know if they are still in good traffic?
  2. Hello, We are DX exchange, an inworld bank for change real life money to L$ and vice versa. We are currently busy with expanding our business on the asian market, and therefor we are looking for chinese speaking avatars who like to work in an international surrounding. Skills: Fluently in write mandarin/cantonese/taiwanese Fluently in english spoken and written Available minimal 1 hr per week Job description: Visit chinese sims and consult them about the services of DX Exchange Place ATM's on chinese sims Support chinese avatars who has problems with use the ATM, and if there is a problem, forward it to the chinese Region Manager What do we offer: We offer an international environment, nice collegue's and a job in Second Life. Payment will be per placed ATM For more information please consult our region manager: XueMei DX
  3. Hi Anyone knows some good chinese sims, which are also good for traffic? Yours, XueMei
  4. Hello, I would like to copy my rl face picture in my avatar, i heared there was a sim to do that, but I looked for it and can not find it, does anyone knows if this sim still exists? Also, i want please to know HOW can i put my face on my avatar without use .PSD files or PhotoShop? Xuemei
  5. Hello, My name is Xuemei DX I am an DX exchange in-world regionmanager, we want to expand our Linden exchange business to Hong Kong, China & Taiwan. But it seems hard to find crowded chinese sims. If there is someone who has a list of chinese sims, please IM me on XueMei DX Thanks XueMei
  6. 你好,我想知道,如果中国在Second Life的地方有一个列表?? 有人可以给我一个名单的地方吗?? :) 请发送即时消息: Xuemei.DX
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