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  1. I'm trying to find my chat files and put them back on firestorm. I saved all my files and had to reinstall windows 10
  2. Why would Raph Dirval make a Gianni signature body and a Gianni Signature head that don't have the same body skins or colors, that is just wrong. I have tried contacting him, but he does not answer. I paid 8000L, I should get some help, but nope.
  3. Well, I got " Banned from Fogbound" because I'm conservative. I complained about the harassing and got banned.
  4. She has harassed me for about two years now and SL will not do anything about it? I file a greivance and get no answer from them, do they even help people here?
  5. You can't, the stand up is gone. I do the stop animations and revoke and hit the couple hud again and it just comes up with the dances again. There are no more balls and still no stand button?
  6. but I'm dancing, that will stop what I'm doing, not what Akiko is trying to do to me?
  7. Rowan, I'm using firestorm. I don't see that option on there. can you help me with that?
  8. how can I do stop animating me in Firestorm?
  9. yes, but she already knows me, we were friends on facebook and she did not like my posts. I just want to know what she is doing to me and how I can stop it. Thanks, Jonny
  10. I have a girl that hates me because I'm concervative. When I am dancing with a woman sometimes she zapps me, I can see a flurry around me. Then my stand button os gone and I can not sync with my partner. This is harrasment as far as I'm concerned, but SL does nothing about it. I'm not sure how she does it, can anybody help me with this? and how I can stop her from doing this. Thank you
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