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  1. ok thanks for your answers. Well there is one popular skin store on a G sim that shows only the faces on the vendors, but people can still put on a demo and even undress in the store if they want to. So i guess thats not allowed either. I think i should sell skins only on a M rated sim then, just to be safe Katya
  2. Hello, I am trying to figure out which works best for selling clothes or skins: A store on a General sim or on a Mature rated sim? Well some popular stores sell their stuff on a G sim, some on a M sim and they all seem to do very well. Or does it matter which rating i use as long as i do a good marketing? Katya
  3. Hello, Sometimes i see items on marketplace without written reviews, but they sure have some rating stars. Now i wonder: How can you add a star without writing a review? Or is there a way people can hide the reviews? Katya
  4. oh ok. thanks... i will check it out. Well, i don't want to spend hundreds of dollars when i just want to make a few lindens on here... lol
  5. Hello, Is there a way i can buy a license so i can use some copyrighted clipart for putting on my clothes? I've seen some designers making stuff with "H*llo K*tty" or "My L*ttle P*ny"... so i am wondering if i can buy a license from the companies so i can use them? And how much does a license cost? Katya
  6. If i want to report someone, should i do it RIGHT AWAY? Or would it make sense if i report them for something they did two weeks ago? (i still have the chat log on my computer) And is there a way i can send a Notecard with a chat log to LL? Someone was sharing my private IM with a friend and they sent it to me in a Notecard. But they weren't allowed to share my IM. How would i report that? There is no "send notecard" option in the AR window. And will i get notified if they got in trouble for what they did? Or can i find out if they did? Would be interesting to know if they got in trouble or not.
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