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  1. I know that, that's not the issue I'm having here, I know about the 7 day timer and everything, but it's the fact that when I DID change my display name as of this last night, it reset back to my SL Username...on it's own (without me even touching the reset button at all) .... In a way this kinda creeps me out as well, cause this is the 2nd time it's done this in 2 weeks. .__.;
  2. I've done this a number of times the past few weeks and tried setting a display name for myself, but as of lately it kept showing my username... I tried everything, literally...everything. From preference options in general tab, even UI and chat tabs, right down to debug settings and all.. -_-; It's annoying me quite a bit that each time over the recent 2 weeks I tried changing my display name to how I had it only to find that when I relogged after a crash once, this all happened (not sure if it's a bug or some other glitch I hadn't expected), but now my name kept reverting to my SL username showing and can't show my display name anymore.. Few others among my friends have noticed this as well and i've scaled all over the forums and other help areas and nothing thus far has matched my problem up to this point.. :/
  3. I've been doing a bit of searching on my own for some, but have yet to find one that suits the formats im looking for. :/ If anyone here knows of an animation program or software that can convert files such as .vmd (MMD) into .bvh (SL) that'd be much appreciated. ^_^; I've been working on and modding some animations in a MMD (MikuMikuDance) program I have, but have yet to find a way to convert them for SL use. :catindifferent:
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