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    im wondering does sl have the new way of marketing on MP working because if so I cannot get anything there im using the sl viewer and adding stuff to my merchant box in there and its not showing up In my store? anyone have any ideas that could help? pls help me here been waiting over 2 weeks :(
  2. I changed and redone my store and put everything in as directed and it hasn't synced with the mP its all in the merchant box but didnt reach MP what do I do and how long is it gonna ytake any solutionss Ill have to call if this doesn't reach market place (my items to sell) I don't know what to do and no help Idk....................:( unhappy
  3. I added stuff the NEW way to the MP and still waiting 2 days later to list it all I have done the new way now but still waiting for it to show up so I can list any sugestions did I miss something???
  4. OK my store has been migrated but I use firestorm and I took everything down in my store so what do
  5. Why Do I keep getting a error 503 when I try to add something to the NEW way of selling on MP??? PLs can someone Help me pls I have no idea where to go maybe Ill call I guess.......
  6. Can someone pls help me how do I list products in MP I keep getting errors
  7. when will they get the kinks out of the new sl market place so I can redo mine? I keep getting a errors
  8. just wonder if I can have another pick from houses land that orginal got when we joined priemium and how?
  9. not sure or where to look to change color and stuff to my premium home can you help me direct me to right place?
  10. I ordered a dress form Noya I cannot get a hold of her it says I received it but it IS not in my inventory in object no where not in recent never was put there I have purchased off her and no problems I woul;d like my lindens or get in contact pls help!! ty
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