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  1. Thankies alot for answering I think it was something with my firewall Really thankies
  2. hello Girls and boys! i have for days a problem incorrectly time and date and i dont know hou to fix it nomore i try enything already clean sl from the pc i look in the bios of the time and date are good and there are good nothing is wrong with my time and date zo i hope someone have any answers for me bcz i dont like this at all.... http://prntscr.com/it9eu1
  3. okii thankies Rolig Loon ♥ i will read it. and yes i have win 10 my lil bro did it and i dont have a intel but a amd
  4. hello all i hope you all can help me i have a very new pc. and i cant logging in bcz it says that my video card is not up to date and i check all its all up to date so what can i do to get in again !
  5. hello LL can you tell me more about it ^^ greetz clarity hartle
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