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  1. I just saw this thread...i worked at a second life dance club earlier this year where we all used the same stream and would just handoff when our set was due. We would countdown to the upcoming dj from 3 mins using 300,200,100, 30 sec then GO, then at 12-15 sec communicate the GO and exit the stream. The new dj would enable his encoder at GO and start his broadcast. With practice it would work well as it takes into account the roughly 30 sec delay in broadcast vs actual play inworld. Theoretically you could do this on a per song basis or 2 song basis, but it would be very heavy work for a 2 hour set. Am sure you could work it out with a share screen program like skype where you could see the timing of each others song and just activate/deactivate the encoders at a set point without the countdown.
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