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  1. basically i want a Furry RP sim that doesn't have toxic people in it and doesn't have humans in it including Nekos.
  2. is that a threat and the one i desire is something friendly along with getting along like a peaceful sim that is good enough for me.
  3. Nice try dude but it's not going to work for someone like you.
  4. mostly i just wanted to point out that people i've dealt with previously in Sl shouldn't be running a sim with a nasty temper. Also i've had a handful of bad users who run RPs and don't get along with me and i'd like to point out that Medieval Fantasy in general is out of the question including Prison like Roleplays and others i don't like to be a part of.
  5. no but look who's being immature and no i'm not throwing a tantrum it's you that needs to grow up and act like a man instead of a child.
  6. i'm not placing the name so you should be quiet and leave the forums unless you want to be blocked in Sl for being rude.
  7. I have noticed some Furry Roleplay sims in SL want a backstory and i am no good with that at all. I am deeply disappointed on how Admins are these days in Furry Roleplay sims like one place i tried in nearly 10 years wants a backstory and i don't approve of giving them that as it's none of their darned business to interfere with on how my dragon likes to play. It's sad that many of the Furry places are just no good anymore and i'm not happy about it and formerly i was into Medieval Fantasy but i've long since departed from that genre. Also i've had problems with a certain Synth Revolution Admi
  8. i do not recommend going to this RP as i've dealt with the owner at this RP and he is a bad man as some of their other admins and officers are just bad news written all over it as they betray dragonkin and disgrace the worst of offenders which is why do not go to this RP it's not worth the time
  9. i don't like adoption agencies they're poorly maintained and full of bad staff because i do not adopt human kid avis they're not my cup of tea
  10. another Medieval RP this is even worse than the other ones i've come across no thank you as i'll decline on going to this one as i'm pretty sure it's a knock off RP and a very bad one too because frankly i think too many people are creating Medieval RPs time to think of something new for gods sake
  11. how about you stay out of my business homegirl because you should learn to butt out before i AR you
  12. oh and you're no different either because there's so many bad RPs that are poorly run no one is going to join them at all even though i don't approve of you being a squealy about it and frankly i don't like RPs that takes place in a Sanctuary
  13. i do not recommend going to this RP it's crap and very boring and no one wants to RP in a sanctuary full of bad players
  14. well i just went into SL and NoR is dead there's no traces of it anymore as there is like very little if any i can head to these days and it's becoming harder to find anything furry RP related
  15. what RP do you run because i tried Wargame but it wasn't my kind of thing no offense to you as it's hard to find anything allowing dragons these days and that i've been banned from several spots in Sl which i am not going to disclose
  16. you got a problem with me dude why don't you move along now because i don't deal with Noobs like you
  17. i'd like to share my own personal experience for RPs like Glanmire i went to only once but it seemed to be poorly maintained as they only allow up to 1 or 2 dragons after that i left because they was so bad. Drekiheim i tried once but it has gone downhill even admins there are no good at all seeing that almost no furry would talk to you due to it being so badly staffed even with no one helping you even stuff like that do avoid this one. Avilion has lasted years originally naming themselves Avalon but sadly i was banned from there which i vowed to not return there with absolutely no storyline
  18. i do not recommend this RP it's mostly empty at times where there is no one around as i do not recommend dragons going to this RP it was full of immature babies in it who whine and complain to others as i do not agree that it should still be around it needs to go
  19. i'm so sick of this RP as this place was just plain bad that they don't allow dragons there as i'd like to say do not go to this RP i've been there before and it's pure crap as i do not recommend this place to RP at
  20. there are so many medieval/Fantasy RPs in SL but we need at least something fresh that isn't a completely dumb Medieval/Fantasy RP sadly it's like why are we having another one pop up everytime to find another one of these knock off RPs showing up
  21. oh please your RP is not the greatest just because you guys are just as bad as Triskelion once was saying oh they don't allow anthro dragons though i will call that being prejudice and sadly i think i'd like to say that you need to be more open and stop judging dragons like they are because someone should have told you that you're intolerant of Anthro Dragons being there even though dragons are part of the whole Medieval theme so stick that in your pipe and smoke it
  22. i don't agree with going into Prison RPs they ruin the fun and aren't too realistic nor are they original
  23. i looked at this RP as i felt unsafe about it as it looked to be a knock off of 1 of the other RPs as i don't agree with playing there as the last time i was there it was empty
  24. i don't enjoy Para RPs as it ruins the fun and doesn't make it look better as i'm also not fond of Vampire RPs because they're graphic and scary to me
  25. Zooby Babies are scary as hell things as i don't like them very much and i don't like Prim babies either
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