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  1. yes, it dose stop asking about the PC its a hex core it meets in spades, as i said i put this in Account, i can log on to SL with others accounts just not mine it gives me a "cannot connect to the simulator" error massage and i have tryed all the above stayed steps, none worked
  2. i have tryed every vewer under the sun and still nothing same error as before
  3. ya i restated everything that was like the first thing i dont think its the PC i told you i have used other PC unrelated to this one and same prob that would by logic ruel out that is my PC that is messed up dont you think?
  4. ok found how to replay haha feel dum any how i get the massage "cannot connect to the simulator" and i have tryed most of waht you have sugested i know the fire wall is not stoping it casue its from more then just my home but outside of it as well, it was working one day when i was on the the next it just kept giveing me that massage "cannot connect to the simulator"
  5. i have tryed and tryed to cennect from other PCs and it wont let me, i have even reformated my pc and still nothing, plz help i have not been on in over a mouth i have tryed other pc ones that where able to log on to SL the massage im getting is "cannot connect to the simulator" its the same everytime on every pc i try, i have tryed a pc in a difrent city wait i was travling even it just happened the day after i was on SL and tryed to log back in and got that massage im sorry i could not find a way to reply drectly
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