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  1. Thanks for that Rolig. I've been messing around with that t-shirt example of Robin's. I think I might be able to use that. I'm not crazy about the wrinkles though. I'm not sure how you would get wrinkles on a shirt like that unless you had your shirt tucked into your pants perhaps. But, if I remove the layer that the wrinkles are on (the texture layer), I lose the hems also. So, that's unfortunate. Anybody know if it's possible to remove the wrinkles from the texture layer but keep the hems? Is that possible?
  2. Awesome. You explained that very well, thank you.
  3. Sorry Trinity. Didn't mean to seem ungrateful or inconsiderate. You are right, I probably should respond more to what other people say on my posts. They do after all take the time to try to help me. And you definitely put time into your responses too, even given me an example of a hem on SL. Thank you. That hem was perfect btw. I haven't even tried to make a hem yet. I guess I made that post too early. I still haven't gotten any good at doing the sleeves, so I figure I better get that down first. I don't really enjoy doing it, so I'm kind of draging it out, not working on it everyday. I don't even understand what the heck any of them are even saying on my post about hems, it's all over my head. I know you probably would have showed me how to do a hem, but it sounds intimidating. I was afraid I would have a hard time following a long, especially with you using a different graphics program. I don't even know what I'm doing in my own graphics program.
  4. Yeah, I have Chip Midnight's and Robin Woods templates. Actually, they both have the exact same layout as far as the grid like lines that I was talking about. On Chip's this layer is called "the shaded grid" and the lines are black, and on Robin's this layer is called "UVs" and the lines are colored. But, otherwise the lines are the same. I think I figured out how to match the front edge of the shirt to the back edge. I guess the lines do match up. I mean, I know where to start my line and where to end it, but getting it right in between is difficult because the grid lines don't really help with that (or it don't with the size sleeves that I'm making anyway). I really don't enjoy this process. I just want to be able to make my own shirts and put my own pictures or words onto them. So, I was hoping to make one shirt the way I like it, and save it as a starting point for all my future shirts. Then when i want to make a shirt, I can open that first one, copy it, change the color, slap a different picture on it and be done.
  5. When making a shirt, the templates themselves have several layers. In Gimp you can click on the eyeball next to any layer to turn off that layer - make it so that you can't see it. I was told that when you're done making your shirt you want to turn off all of the template layers so that you can only see the shirt layer (the layer you were creating). Then save it as a tga file so you can open it in SL. So that's my first question. When I'm finished with my shirt do I turn off all of the templates layers before saving as a tga file? And my second question is: What if I create more than one layer, do I merge them all down into one layer before bring them into SL? Like, I might have a shirt layer, shadow layer, and a wrinkles layer. Do they need to be merged into one layer or not? Thanks
  6. Are there any shirt templates out there that were designed to make the sleeves easier to create? I'm still having trouble doing the sleeves. I just spent over an hour going back and forth from gimp to the SL clothes previewer and I can not get the sleeve right to save my life. This is very frustrating. I don't understand why they created these templates like this with chaotic lines in them that don't make any sense. I am talking about the black grid like lines that are suppose to be a guide, some of them run straight and some of them are all whack. Seriously what were they thinking? I don't get it. Anyway, are there any other shirt templates that make the sleeves easier to do? Thanks
  7. There is one thing about the "SL Clothes Previewer" that I don't like, you can't put it's arms down. So you can not see what your shirt sleaves would actually look like with the avatars arms at it's side. If I could make it put it's arms down I might be able to tell if my sleaves are long enough or not. Are there any other clothes previewers out there that do let you put the arms down?
  8. I have the box checked for my secondlife viewer to remember my username and password, but, it doesn't remember it. It's been taking a long time for my viewer to log in because of that (it's not my cache). Instead of filling in my username and password like it use to do, it eventually comes back with a message saying "Can’t fill in username and password. This may happen when you change network setup." I don't know what it's talking about, I don't even know how to change network setup whatever that means. It has been doing this for a couple weeks now. I am using the latest version of the secondlife viewer. Anybody know what's going on with my viewer?
  9. Why would it be any easier with inkscape, you still use the same templates don't you?
  10. Is there anyway to create an SL shirt with hems on it? You know, around the neck, sleaves and bottom of the shirt like a real shirt. I just thought it would make it look more realistic. And on some shirts it might be nice to have a different color for the hems/edges. Thanks
  11. Ok, I know I'm new to SL shirt making, but I just can't see why they have designed these templates they way they have. It is such a pain to line up the front of a shirt sleave with the back. Personally, I blame the templates. It's easy to do the neck, I got that perfect the first time since they give you lines that you can follow when you do the neck. But there is no guide lines for doing the sleaves. There is some lines on the arm template but they are not straight across, and the lines on the front of the arm don't seem to line up with the back of the arm. I did download the SL Clothes Previewer but seems like a lot of work going back and forth between programs trying to fix the problem. Anybody have a way of making this process easier? Thank you
  12. Never mind. I figured it out. You just click on "scene" and then "toggle gender".
  13. Mine didn't actually have the slcp.exe file in it. It only had the slcp.app for Mac. So I had to redownload it from somewhere else. But, now i have a new problem. There doesn't seem to be the option to make it look like a man. Do I have to test my male clothes on a female body?
  14. I want to make a t-shirt but I can't find a male shirt template. I downloaded some templates but they're clearly female templates. Where can I get a male shirt template? Btw, when I tried to create a shirt in world it wouldn't stretch far enough to cover my stomach and my avi wasn't tall, so I was told to choose jacket instead of shirt. But, this time i will be making it out of SL using a template and gimp, so I'm not sure if i need a shirt template, or a jacket template. I want it to look like a shirt but cover my entire stomach.
  15. I downloaded the free SL Clothes Previewer program but I don't know how to install it. It came as a zip file. I unziped it but I don't see a setup file in it anywhere. Like how do you install this thing?
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