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  1. I was wondering why I cant log in and if its due to firestorm being under construction and why I get the popup when I try to log in , waiting for waiting for server response , is there anything that you can do to resolve this problem its now been almost 2 days now that ive been unable to log in since they did there maintance to the case submissions support systems, oh also this is sage datura
  2. its now saying ive been removed from my region
  3. ive tried several times to log in using firestorm viewer, viewer 2 , and pheonix , and i still cant get past the handshake, everytime it says that there is maintence work going on and to try back in a few minutes, ive went thru my computer to make sure my security wasnt interfering and all seems to be fine , please can you get me back inworld , thank you
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