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  1. I only clicked one object and that was it...i didnt say yes/no ect...is this behavior bannable could i report him, will he be banned? i see him in many sims often and he messes/deforms my avatar...i cannot revoke his permission? or set my permission back to default? sorry im from brazil for bad english
  2. I have them blocked removed not on friends list but they still edit my avatar and ruin it. i was at a sandbox and they spawn this big object too big for me to not click on by accident now i cant do anything they keep editing my avatar.
  3. hi i was at a sandbox and my some man was spamming objects that i click and it allows him now to edit my avatar he is not my friends list and i have him blocked but he edits my avatar i dont want to give him permission or he will ruin things, please help asap.
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