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  1. Hi I already have my own place but wouldn't mind some family
  2. So I am looking to expand my family, I have a sister who I adore but would be nice to have parentals, aunts and uncles, cousins etc. Any timezone is okay as long as you make some effort to be online to get to know me. I currently roleplay in a family community place called cedar creek and I love it. I am also very adventurous and like to try new things. I am a huge shopper and love to play Gachas. I like to explore different sims, mostly nature sims though as i love to see beauty. I’m not big on the club scene as I’m very introverted and like to have a more quiet night with the peo
  3. i fixed it, got a new head, it was a texture issue, i kept trying to change skins and that area never changed.
  4. there is no neck sheath on my hud, only a neck fix and it wasnt enabled
  5. Hi all Not sure how to fix this but its really getting on my nerves I had had this for awhile now and if i change my graphics it doesnt go away. Im not sure what is causing this seam with my catwa head and maitreya body. Anyone have any ideas how to fix it. Im sure it is so simple and stupid but i just cant figure it out.
  6. So I am in secondlife all the time, everyday, its really a bad addiction. But I am very lonely and would like to connect with people who could be family members. I am looking for a mom and dad, sisters, brothers, uncles, aunts etc. I am into socialising, exploring secondlife, riding horses through nature sims, shopping, gachas, hunts, dancing, decorating my home, racing cars, not much of a builder or scripter but im willing to learn if anyone wants to teach me, I don't do the club scene either. I am a very laid back personality, i go with the flow. I am kind and sweet and lovable.
  7. This may be weird but I’m a very shy person and don’t like big crowds so I have a hard time meeting ppl in a loud setting. I am seeking ppl to get to know who can maybe become friends with me. I’m most of the time in world so if you might be looking for a new friend, look me up
  8. Hi my name is aliciajryan in world if you want to hang out sometime
  9. My name is aliciajryan in sl if you want to hang out sometime
  10. I recently broke up with someone and it was a very intense relationship, but after it ended I realized I enjoyed having a sl companion and a friend in rl. I want to find that again and see where it can go. Is it weird to ask for this..maybe, but if I don’t ask I will never know if someone out there was searching for the same. Message me in world if you may be feeling that relationship itch like I am.
  11. Every time I try to join or leave a group it either wont let me join or I leave the group for a second and then it comes back and relogging doesnt help at all. Also if i try to join a group, another one that i used recently activates itself. I am not sure what is going on or how to fix it but its starting to make me annoyed. This only started today after i logged in and was fine yesterday.
  12. FAIL, Just FAIL Op the circus called they want their crazy back
  13. I have learned that it is hard to find a male who wants to be monogamous. They start out that way then they decide they are getting bored and want to see other people. Its fine if that was your agreement (open relations) but when they do it behind your back which is not part of the agreement and it bothers you it is time to cut ties and find someone else. You are kidding yourself if you think you will ever be fine with it or if he will ever stop doing it. He is bored and wants his cake on the side. He does it when you are sleeping because he knows it is wrong and wasnt what you agreed upo
  14. I am seeking people to hang out with and goof off with in a group or just individuals. Im not into rp and I dont shop much. I do like to hang out or explore sims. I do voice but doesnt matter if you do or don't and it doesnt matter if you are male or female, just that you are chatty and like to have fun. I dont mind if you are vampire, human or neko. I am kinda shy so if you can break me out of my shell all the power to you. I am in EST online a good amount of time daily. IM me in world if you want to know more or if you are looking for the same
  15. I play a 16 year old and want to be aparet of a realistic family. I had a family but it didnt work out and I want to try again. Any type is fine, but has to be human ie sisters, brothers, uncles, aunts, parents anything.
  16. To put it bluntly I am shy and cannot approach people so easily. So what I am looking for is some loyal people to possibly become friends with and wanted to start here since many people use the forums. I enjoy roleplaying, and shopping and exploring beach and nature sims. I like to go horseback riding, surfing and dancing. I am on secondlife at least a few hours everyday. Anyone who may be interested just give me a shout.
  17. You people need to chill since when is stating exactly what I want being hostile and too blunt. I am not being impolite and if being completely to the point is being rude then I don't want to be polite. It is my right to be who I choose to be and act how I wish to be, and its also my right to defend myself when people think they know me and bash me for being not like them. Well excuse me.
  18. Maybe I don't want to be conquered, maybe I am just sick of all the guys on here who are s confused about what they want that I have decided the best thing is to put it clearly what I want and let them decide if they can be a real man and handle a real woman. It is strictly your opinion on what you think of my profile but it will not change what I wish to convey or how I wish to convey it. You don't know me or why I feel the need to be so blunt and as far as im concerned you can stfu. If I seem hostile its maybe cause im sick of people telling me how I should be and not be myself. I will a
  19. alright forget I even posted anything, seems like a waste of time anyway and people are just gonna criticise and bash what I see as being a strong woman who knows what she wants. Guess I will try another time when people are ready for that kind of woman
  20. sorry let me clarify that I never said I wanted no sex I said I don't want a friends with benefits situation I would have sex but not with random people either. Sex in a relationship yes but has to be more than just sex that is what I meant
  21. removing post since tired of people and their judgements
  22. wow now I remember the reason I left secondlife in the first place. But now I realise with anonymity comes ignorance and rudeness ad such hostility. I ask a question because I worried about being ripped off and want advice and get ripped on big time. Well I see times have not changed in secondlife. Way to go
  23. So I purchased lindens off of anshex and then when my e cheque went through informed them that they could send them to me now and they told me they did send them to me. I told them I had not received them and showed them my transaction history in secondlife. They then told me it would take 5-6 hours for them to fix whatever issue as on their end and send them to me asap. I of course thought that was ridiculous and kept bugging them to send me my lindens. Now they just ignore every question I have for hours now. I have never had an issue with them sending me my lindens on time but now al o
  24. HI I am just starting back into secondlife and want to meet some cool fun people but cant seem to find people who do not just want sex. I would prefer to have to girl friends who I can just be friends with and shop and hang out with. Look me up in game and let me know if your looking for another person to add to your friend list.
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