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  1. Meep! Sorry for the late response, work's been eating up almost all of my free time lately. But I think I may have solved the issue a couple minutes ago. *Crosses her claws, hoping not to have jynxed it.* So I never had anything setup with my ISP for PPPoE; at least I don't think. Granted, I didn't see if I could try it out without contacting them. >.> I did, however, find something off of Nyll's link to change my MTU. At first I tried it at the 'optimal' setting which set it to 1500, and it seemed to work fairly well for the most part. But I was still encountering the issue. I then tried the custom setting, and changed the MTU to 1400 like 16 suggested, and I tried flopping around some of the places my router would explode on, and haven't gotten disconnected yet. To anyone else having the issue, I found a link to this TCP Optimizer download: http://www.speedguide.net/downloads.php/ - off of the first comment on the link Nyll gave, which seems to have worked, at least right now.
  2. I wouldn't quite call my home the lightest on textures and objects to rez, but it's certainly nowhere near as intensive as some of the places I flop around to (thinking of more popular places like.. London, for example). But anyways, I tried disabling both HTTP Textures and HTTP Inventory, but neither seem to have helped any, as my connection still drops. :<
  3. Hello! I have a question to a problem I've been having ever since I moved back to my old home (haven't really played SL much before then, but never seemed to have this problem before). I can log into the game perfectly fine, and have no problems whatsoever while at my SL home. But every time I go to a place with a lot of objects, or a medium to heavily populated area in SL (ie, any place with a decent amount of things to rez) my internet drops, and reconnects after about 30-60 seconds or so. I wouldn't really mind, but it's terribly annoying when I'm talking to my bf on Skype, and I'm flopping around somewhere and end up dropping the call because of it. As for relevent personal info, I'm using Firestorm viewer on Vista 64-bit, a Belkin router (can't recall more specifically off the top of my head right now) I'm hardwired into with about 28 Mbps download / 1 Mbps upload speed. Feel free to ask if I left something else out that may help. o3o
  4. I'm just about settled in, just getting used to the cold again - moving from Arizona back to New York. And snow... eee how I didn't miss it! >_____> I'm super picky when it comes to video games anymore, mainly when it comes to graphics. I absolutely love RPG's, my favorite I've been flopping about lately being Guild Wars 2. It's really hard to get me into an FPS game, but I've really been enjoying Borderlands 2 - probably because of all its randomn sillyness. x3 Eee nuu not meh journal! Waaay too many personal stuffs in there. >///> And as for Pop Rocks shenanigans, ish a possibility! I think I've written up some essays for friends waaaay back when I was in high school. They would give me a vague description and somehow I would manage to spin it into a fanciful tale. x3
  5. Harro everyone! :3 Tried out SL years ago, though I wasn't anywhere near as interested in RPing as much as I am lately. Had a close friend drag me by the tail back into the wonderful world of SL, and I've felt overwhelmed with how many unique and interesting places there are to explore! I also decided it might be a good idea to stop being such a shy little shark and try meeting new people and post something - so here we are! Umm.. about myself. Oh boy, this is always the part I'm terrible at. *Rubs the back of her neck.* Well, I just moved cross-country the other week, starting to settle in. Been using the opportunity to explore myself, be more comfortable with who I am, and try all sorts of fun new things and meet new people, yay! As for interests, I love playing video games, or anything else on ze computer. I really enjoy writing - whether it be silly stories about my friends, or just jotting random stuffs down in a journal. And amg dancing! Though I generally only do that by myself, because I think I look super silly doing it. x3 I'm absolutely awful at closings too, so.. yay? Yay!
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