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  1. Well, it just re installed itself just now when i clicked on the viewer , and now it works. I guess i will never know what it was, and i'm sorry i can't help people with the same problem more. Thank you both and have a good day/night.
  2. Merci Rolig Loon, but it does not really give me a solution i tried to log in with firestorm as well as second life viewer though, but it gives me the same message .... I did opened a "support ticket" , as well...
  3. Bonsoir, i need help , i tried all i knew but i still have this problem. Since some hours, i get this message when i try to log in in second life: "Login failed. Often this means that your computer's clock is set incorrectly. Please go to the control panels and make sure the time and date are set correctly. Also check that your network and firewall are set up correctly. If you continue to receive this error, please go to Support......" So, here i am ... My clock is set up correctly, i can navigate and open any other thing, i restarted my livebox, restarted my computer, reinstalled Second Life.... Nothing. The same message appears when i try to log in. This is the first time it happens for me. Please, could you help me?? Thank you in advance
  4. thank you for such quick answer... i'll check if the furniture i bought has what you say. in setup -options ...otherwise, if there's not, there is nothing else i can do?
  5. So, we try rugs and beds and tubs etc with my partner, but, when we kiss, they kiss the air, there's a space between us , or hum the **bleep** of my guy is never in the... you know, of my partner... all animations do that :/ so it's not really realistic... i'd like to fix this issue, i use the viewer 3 given on this site and her too...i'd like to keep using this viewer. Is there an easy way to make it our lips touch, her hand and mouth actually on my **bleep**, **bleep** actually in her sex,in brief, my guy and her girl actually at the correct position (i guess position is the subject?) to look like really touching and making love?? Thank you in advance for any help , sorry for saying things directly :p but it's more clear this way
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