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  1. Dear technical support, I have been trying to open my second life from last week but its not running , I have done everything with my computer , installed new window, changed my hard disck and have downloaded all drivers and software but still failed to play secondliffe , Please help me to resolve this issue soon
  2. Dear friend, I have been using secondlife from last years, but now I can't use, several time I have download secondlife on my computer but failed to run , I am not using secondlife from last week, please try to resolve this issue, I love this game but can't play , everything is ok in my computer don't understand what happening with me, when I clcick on secondlife it start running then stop aoutomatically Please help me to resolve this issue. Thanks
  3. whenever i try to logging my computer get shut down automatically, and then receive serious error issue why pls help me to use my account again, I have tried many time but can't access
  4. I changed my Avatar then I lost my penny from my inventory I got another penny from my friend but My penny menu disappeared from my computer screen will you pls help me to get back my penny MENU, , soft,hard,pee, **bleep**, due to this problem I can't use my **bleep** with all these features
  5. My Avatar is continussly in cloudy form, i tried to logging again and again but still I am in cloudy (smoke) form why, pls help me to see my man visible and secong my second life moving performance is too slow so how I improve my Pc performance as fast as was before.
  6. Dear , I marked subscription and have resest my setting but still I am not geeting email notification when someone reply me in absance of me, and also I am not geeting anything throgh email kindly resolve this matter as soon as possible.
  7. Why you unsubscribe me when someone reply me, kindly subscribe me and send email notification when someone send messages and anything I need to see all on my email account
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