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  1. Looking for customs islamic prayers . If you can do it contact me with details .
  2. Ive got a client that requires a to build a mosque and etc mostly islamic buildings. If you are charging a resonable price The client would like to build a replica mosque from a photo which u can get from the internet. You can either create using mesh or prims up to you which is easier . please contact me , No by the hour charge . Thanks
  3. Im looking for someone that could make an islamic dress and hijaab for ladyies and islamic jubah for men . If you falls under this catogory please contact me . I tried contacting those ready made islamic clothing but non replied to my enquires. thanks
  4. Thanks for the interest please catch me up on email or inworld for more discussion
  5. Hi guys, Im looking for partner/builders . I own about 10 Full Sims and more coming With Full Prims, etc. Im looking for a builder who would like to work with me as a co founder of this project for a long term project Looking to build Urban City Real Estate Business / Sims/Parcels RentalsBeach Gateaway Estate Headquaters University Campus (Completed) Hotel/Resorts And many more Please contact me if youre interested and let me know your plans.....Please prepare your samples and etc for my review and lets talk . What will you get for working on this project ? Ill give you 1 Full Region Sims with full prims (FREE) for you Contact me at : droidmaestro@gmail.com Thanks
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