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  1. I quote: Warning.....A new vampire system has been in testing for just over a year now, that many have no clue it’s going on. The Progeny creators have created a system where, (unlike Bloodlines) they can bite people without them knowing about it. In the latest days, this has caused problems to both players of this system and to those unaware that they have been victims. There is NO way other than you being killed to opt out of the playing of the game at this time. There is alot more I could use to say what I want to say...but this is enough right here. This topic, and any further discussion, is moronic on the face of it. * The "Bite" that a Progeny Vampire gives, isn't a bite. it is the virtual click of a buitton on their viewer screen. * The SL account being affected belongs to the SL member. * The viewer being used is software on their computer at home. * The Progeny HUD belongs in part to that SL member, and in part to Progeny. * The "Blood" being drained doesn't exist...it is make believe...much like your avatar is. It doesn't exist. It is comprised of little virtual numbers clicking away on the virtual Progeny HUD beuing used by the SL member. * As we have already established who the HUD belongs to, we can presume that the numbers clicking away within that HUD belong to the same person(s). So NOTHING is being taken from your avatar. Your last statment quoted above is the most ridiculous of all...and given that you actually had the gall to compare this to rape, that is saying alot: " There is NO way other than you being killed to opt out of the playing of the game at this time." We have established that neither your account, nor your avatar, nor any item in the inventory of your avatar is being taken, nor affected in any way. So...you are right about one thing; you can't opt out from playing...because you...aren't... playing. I repeat...this topic, the griping inherent in it, and all the justification for said griping, is moronic.
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