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  1. The vendor from which I got the demo skin said it was for Lelutka Evolution heads. It didn't mention a specific head, so I assumed it was for any Lelutka Evolutiuon male head.
  2. I have tried a number of head skins and the shapes that came with them from several stores, all with the same result. I look nothing like the picture in the store. Here is one example, the Swaim skin and shape from Stray Dog. What am I doing wrong? I have given up on the idea of getting a nice, up-to-date avatar quickly and easily, but it seems I can't even get one when I spend considerable time and effort. Help!
  3. So far, I have spent four or five hours. I tried both signature bodies, but they both looked more muscular than I wanted to. I settled on the Slink body. I don't want a large wardrobe, only 6-10 outfits, so clothing availability shouldn't be an issue. Trying to find a suitable combination of head, head shape, and skin has been a real challenge. The first head I tried was the Signature Geralt (I could have lived with the body if the head had worked well). I went to every store listed on the Signature web site as selling skins for their avatars without finding anything I liked. I searched Marketplace with the same result. I had the free Lelutka Alain head, so I decided to try it. I searched for a good skin and shape combination for it, and didn't find one. For the ones that came packaged together, my face didn't look at all like the face on the ad. Maybe I should just be content to look like a typical 2010 avatar? Seriously, this is much harder than it should be, It's no wonder SL isn't growing when it's this hard to just put a nice avatar together. LL really should do something to make it easier. If anyone can suggest sources for shapes and for BOM skins, I would be grateful. I am striving for an ordinary nice guy look. Most of the head shapes seem to be intended to look like a tough guy.
  4. Yep! Thanks to all who posted.
  5. Thank you, Helena, Janet, and Maitimo. I was hoping that maybe some designers had gotten together to offer packages of quality avatar components. A lot of us don't like to spend a lot of time shopping, so it seems like such offerings would be successful. I will try the ones you suggested.
  6. My avatar has been the same for many years, and is badly outdated. I want to bring him up to current standards, but I don't want to spend a lot of time shopping for components. Is there some place where I can buy a complete package that includes everything I need for a modern, high-quality avatar? I don't mind spending some money.
  7. I have an alt that I want to have a premium account, but I do not want to have payment info on the account. Will it work for me to pay them lindens and let them withdraw dollars, which they would leave as a balance in their Tilia account. Then, when there were fees due for the account, they would be paid from the Tilia dollar balance. Is this all correct? If no dollars were ever paid out of the Tilia account, but the dollar balance was only used to pay LL fees, would I be required to furnish any information to LL for taxation purposes?
  8. I uploaded five 1024 x 1024 jpg images and applied them to square prims. Four looked fine. One was strangely distorted on the prim, but when I open the texture, it looks fine, and the preview thumbnail in the prim editor looks fine. I tried removing and reapplying it, which didn't help. When I move the camera, the distorted image changes. Other avatars also see it as distorted. Here is a screenshot of the texture and the prim. Any ideas will be appreciated.
  9. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: The bigger question in my mind is why would you want to undercut the creator to begin with? I don't want to undercut anyone. I just don't like it when people think it's OK to ignore laws and do whatever they want to.
  10. Today, I was browsing animation stores. In one, that sells animations with copy, mod, or full perms, there were license terms posted. They said, "If you sell the animations in a POSEBALL, either copy OR trans (never copy and trans) you agree to sell them at the same price (or higher) as ... does." License terms restricting resale prices violate US antitrust law, as explained on the Department of Justice Web site at http://www.justice.gov/atr/public/guidelines/0558.htm#t52. What do you think?
  11. I decided to get a Linden Home recently, and did. It is in a mature sim. As I understand it, adult activities are permitted, but not in public. The Linden home has very large windows. Some of my neighbors have opaque curtains covering their windows. I doubt that they installed prim curtains, and I don't want to because these homes have so few prims to work with. I can't figure out how curtains that (maybe) came with the home work. When I click on the windows, nothing happens, and I can't find anything like a switch to click on. What can I do to obscure my windows without using up my little prim allowance? Thanks.
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