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  1. Ok there was a little girl in a adopting agency she was so sad so i adopted her but i has no wheres to live that dosnt cost lindins im basicly broke so if i could live with someone or we could worksomething out that would be great
  2. im pretty cheap, lol if your not online very often and have sl children send them to me! i work night hours for right now i work from about 7 pst to aroun 9pst i charge only 5 lindins per day per child
  3. Hi im offering nice rooms to rent : Thank you for your interest in renting in our estate. Rent for 4 weeks to get a 24% Discount! ----------------------- The Mall Street ----------------------- *Shop prices per week: ------------------------------ L$500 support 200 prim L$250 support 75 prim L$150 support 35 prim *Wall/kiosk prices per week: ------------------------------------ L$100 support 25 prim Provide me with a full permissions texture of your logo for your shop sign, to save a prim! Keep objects inside your shop. Hovertexts and Rotating objects are NOT allowed. *Furnished House prices per week: ------------------------------------------ L$250 support 15 prim *Rent a Space prices per week: -------------------------------------- L$250 support 75 prim includes a Globe Dome 128x128 Ask for furniture to be removed to gain additional prim. Ask to buy additional sets of L$250 per week; 75 prim Lease period can be between 1 and 16 weeks Rental boxes will send IM when your lease is close to expiring. Hope to see you soon. For further information or assistance please contact: beethros Karas Mng and his agent HOTVICTORIANGIRL
  4. Hi there, I'm a new Real Estate Agent here to offer you a few rooms to rent 'its a job my boss gave me to do even though I need to sell land not rooms LOL' here I have a few rooms to tell u about Tours are also available: Live on 221 B Baker Street! Partially furnished living room and bedroom on Mrs.Hudson's side of the house, 200 prim available. You also have access to Sherlock Holmes living room area/library/experiment lab. Please stay out of Watson and Sherlock's bedroom,although you may have a peak at it in the tour. Price : 700 L a month Please contact BlondiesLogic for more info. or seek her agent: Hotvictoriangirl 18th Century French Community Carriages available and also is a RP sim,relax and just enjoy yourself here. : ) Many things to do here. 1 room available for rent. 700 L 155-200 prims. Private with 2 balconies. For more info please IM or send a notecard to BlondiesLogic or her agent:Hotvictoriangirl :matte-motes-bashful-cute: i also build small oject like doghouses,tables, and other funiture, i also make rings/earings feel free to contact me or blondieslogic
  5. hi,im looking for a person 'hopefully a girl' to share land with 'their land' im not a preium member and i dont have a job, but i fish and make about 30$L a day. if someone whos kind enoug to let me put my house down. 'i think is like 60 prims' and funiture'like 100' that be great. once i get enough ill pay rent thx in advanced. Victoria:matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
  6. thx i think ill go with the modern one thx :catembarrassed:
  7. if they would be kind enough. besides i only put that beacause thats how mush i have rite now, soon it will be 200-300
  8. Hi, i need a good builder that could build me a nice 7 room house, 2 story, the rooms need to be meduim sized exept for 3, the rest have to be big enough for the kitchen, bedroom,study, and living room. the other three would be for the bathroom, spa, and walk in closet or storage. i need the walls to be painted white and hardwood floor. i would also like a pool behind the house. i willl pay whoever can build this 80-100 $L depending how well of a job. thx in advanced. vikki ps: please build it in a sandbox and take it and then im me with it :)
  9. Hi, im thinking of about becoming a teacher, after being a dancer ive delete all that clothes, could some one make me some teacher like clothes? THx in advance Vikki:cattongue:
  10. i would lov to do cullinary arts if you tell me how much i get paid and how many kids and what ages i was looking at maybe 30Ls a day? mon-fri maybe at 10:00-11?:matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
  11. I was hoping someone would hire me to show off their clothes, I will accept my payments by the week. :matte-motes-big-grin-wink:
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