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  1. Hi, been renting land a nice beach area and have been able to rez ok up until last week. I have over 800 prims and tryint o put even the smallest item onto the land , I have tried all over and in the middle. and it always says cannot rez owner of the land does not allow it. I am not sure who to ask about this. I can rez items in the sand box and at another location that I am renting but just not at my beach land. it is frustrating as this is the area I really like and want to keep using, but I cannt if I cannot rez anything. please adise. thank you Jenni
  2. A few times when I have logged back into my sl rental home all of my items I have put there have shifted, it takes hours to put it all back the way it was, I have only used the security orb twice and I think it may have happened then. Has anyone else had this problem. I want to use my security but hate to think when I came back everything will be moved again.
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