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  1. Hey, I just updated my Firestorm to 4.3 and before that i have had absoltuely no issues with anything. I was able to talk and hear people on mic perfectly and see all mesh. After i updated this morning all hell broke loose. The voice cuts in and out a lot. Like i would hear people talking and then 2 minutes later it would go silent. And i would see the green bars above my heard that i am making noise but they cant hear me, same goes with them. I would see them talking but not hear them. Even then that wouldnt even last very long either. It would show no voice happening. Then 5 minutes later it would work again etc it would go on. As for that mesh problem i mentioned, I seem to see most meshes, but a friend of mine loaded a mesh and i wasnt able to see it. It was all pixilized and retarded looking. But i was able to see other meshes i had on wearing and a house that was mesh. Sigh i have been at this for many hours now. I loaded firestorm back to 4.2 and that didnt work, i restarted my computer and firestorm many times. I unpluigged my net. I have no issues with skype just second life. So that is what i have been stuck with now and i have no idea what to do, any help please? ------------------------------- I could'nt find a way to reply to your answers so i am editing my question. Yes i did a clean install of Firestom. As for my Bandwidth setting it is actually set lower than recommended, so i set it to what was said and it didn't help. I have no choice but to use wireless on this computer(I have never had an issue with my wireless connection with SL and streaming music or talking/hearing voice) As for the task manager, there is only one SL voice active on it. Skype hasnt been on all day today until after i had this issue, i logged on it to see if it was my computer, but the voice on skype worked perfectly. I guess all i have left is to do what Lindal suggested and just post the problem in there support group. =/ Thank you
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