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  1. I'm currently lookign for a Mesh quality Anthropomorphic tiger AV (or tiger-dragon sort of like Neesah) male AV. I've looked over a lot of searches I could think of and almost 1000 pages and still havent found soemthing that fits. (or that can be modded to fit) I'm lookign for this level of quality: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Symbiotic-Husky-Black/5081642 On a male Tiger Anthro. I don't want something too thin, I want something that looks 'toned' or muscled (without going overboard..) most of the ones I saw were very thin.... and lacked musculature at all. I don't mind havign to mod a little, so if there's a BODY with limbs that can just be re-skinned I dont mind getitng a few pieces. So to put it simply, I want a Mesh, Anthro tiger AV, with light to moderate muscle tone, and not an overly thin body. With the quality of the Orange Nova/mods. in seamlessness. Or as close as you can get.
  2. Thank you for the option. Ive managed to find one more potential one, if it has the right skins. This bringsm y total to 3
  3. Exactly as the description says. There are mostly HQ female AV's out there (And for good reason :/) But I'm kind of tired of my polygonal AV. Looking for somehting smoother, and sexier. Hopefully a mesh AV Tiger. (anthro) Though any Feline might do. I know everyone has thier own opinions on whats good or bad, so just post what YOU think is high quality. I've searched myself, and found very little so I'm hoping having a few more eyes and different searches tan I would think of going on might help me :)
  4. Recently saw another master with a sub-tracker system, that let them know where/teleport to thier sub, regardless of region, me and my sub agreed this would be OK with both of us, but I can't seem to find it on the market. Anyone know of what it is or what its called? I didn't think to ask the person I saw it with, and I don't remember whom they were.
  5. Maybe I put in too many words when looking because the results always came up as 0 >< murpheys law loves me for some reason.
  6. I want a Security orb for my home in SL. Not to auto eject/ban/etc but to tell me 'when' someone enters. If it has the option to turn on/off the eject/ban thats fine, but really I'm just looking for an orb that detects when/who enters my home. And I'm not sure what to search for (enter home detector) etc To sum it up: I just want a detector in my home on my land that tells me when someone enters it's detection radius. And displays their name. Sort of like a doorbell, that doesnt need to be clicked to inform me.
  7. One more question is it 'consumable' (meanign one time use) or would it be allowed to be used multiple times?
  8. I'm considering going premium, to get my own house in the world. 1. so, will I have to find a place to place this house or is it a world of it's own? 2. Will it come with a default house, or will I have to buy one from the market? 3. If yes to #2, how do i use it and I'm wantign to get: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/The-Bed-Buddy-20-Ultimate-Edition-34-Somes-Xcite-206-Total-Animations/425348 To animate the bed with 4. How would I use this 5. Do I need to purchase a bed (unless I have to buy a prefurnished house, in which case leads to #6 question) 6. Can I still place the 'bed buddy' animations over a bed, if it alread has default ones?
  9. Not sure if this is where this sort of post would go (And if it's not supposed to be here, apologies), so I'm posting here and just crossing my fingers that I'm correct. Sometimes, just looking for someone in the various spots doesn't do it. Sometimes you just can't find anyone, or you end up offending someone, so I'm looking for like-minded individuals, who, like me - Sometimes just want to yiff, quick and easy, without all the wandering various places in SL. (I am also aware of the various groups for this) I used to RP in furc (mainly as a slaver/master), as para +, though I'm not stuck in character most of the time here. I work a lot, which is the main reason why i'm making this, I'm usually not on until 10:00 + GMT, and am only on in the mornings till 11-12 GMT Might be looking for a pet too, just not sure how that relationship works here (In Furcadia it was pretty black and white) As the title says, I'm looking for **bleep**-buddies of the female persuasion who enjoy straight males. What I'm looking for: Felines Canines Dragonesses Toon/Game characters (I.e - Sonic, Pokemon, Digimon, Lola Bunny etc) Other (Sometimes what you're looking for isn't always what you find sexy) The only ones i'm not really looking for are: Avians (Sorry, the beak :/) Males (I'm straight) Ferals (I actually find some attractive, but it's too few/far between)
  10. Will look into it. And thank you guys for the help!
  11. And how would I access the files? Is it like skyrim/other such games where i have to open the games file location and find the file?
  12. I'm wanting to get this: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Rai-Mod-for-BG-Feline/3509312 Which is a skin mod for BG feline ( https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Blue-Galaxian-Female-Feline-Ghost/3171581 ) But how do i actually make the change? Do i have to go into photoshop, or can i simply be using the BG Feline and then drop the Raichu thing, click it, and bam, the skin changes? I'm new to SL and just don't want to spend the money for it until i'm SURE I can get it to work Just need a simple step by step list, if one already exists (and I looked but didn't see one) please let me know where it is!
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