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  1. They were his items that he picked up and they went into a cube. He is trying to rezz them again.
  2. Could someone help? My friend has a cube of items he picked up and now when he tries to rezz them they keep getting returned. Enough prims, enough room, tried 3 different sims. Does anyone have any ideas? He also tried relogging. Thanks.
  3. ImShayla

    No Inventory

    Still not working
  4. ImShayla

    No Inventory

    My partner normally has 30K in inventory. Only showing 3K...No clothes and no objects. Any ideas?
  5. My partner has very little inventory. This just started today. He has over 30K but only showing about 3K. Any ideas?
  6. ImShayla

    Friends Online

    My partner has 5 friends on his list that sometimes not always show that he is offline to them. Me being one of them. Is there a glitch or something that can be done to fix this. Been for over a month now. Thanks.
  7. My partner can not see me, however when he signs on his alt can see me then. Anyone help?
  8. I am getting this constantly on my screen since this morning... (( Balii:5 )) without the (()) repeating over and over. Can anyone help?
  9. ImShayla

    Landing Zone

    Hi. I have a beach with a landing zone. Many of taken a landmark. We recently changed up things and wanted to change the LZ. If I change it in land and set it will the LM that avis already made automatically go to the new LZ we set. Any help will be great.
  10. ImShayla

    Script error

    I am getting this script error on a pillow pile. Script trying to trigger animations but PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION permission not set. I tried resetting scripts but still not working. Its just continuous and driving me crazy. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  11. As of last night my local chat does not show on my screen on the bottom left. Could someone help? When my friends sign on and off it use to show on my screen.
  12. ImShayla

    camera angle

    After zooming and hitting esc, my camera shows from ground upwards. Help anyone?
  13. ImShayla

    Convert a gif file

    Does anyone have a safe download that can convert a GIF file to jpg, so I can upload in SL? Thank you.
  14. ImShayla

    web browser

    When someone gives me a link to marketplace, I am not able to click on it for it to go straight to a web browser. What can I do to fix that? I know it can be done but not sure how to fix it. Thanks. Update: I am using Firestorm 4.6. When someone sends me a link to an item on MP, I need to copy and paste in my web browser outside of second life. I know some say when they get the link, they are able to click on it and it automatically opens a web browser. How do I fix that?
  15. I received a threat in im this morning, however I opened it with my iPhone. Does anyone know how I can retrieve my messages? I dont have them going to email or pc. Only to view. Hopefully I can get this back to report.
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