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  1. The bot was sitting on the edge of the sim. Reported it to the store owner, and the bot is now gone.......................for now. My new hobby is to tp to the store several times a day, in case a new bot shows up......
  2. "CAMSEX ?" "u gone taste mine by all holes" This on is kinda sweet in a funny way.... "are you agree to give pleausure to me, showing your breasts..? "
  3. "flatter-bot" yeah, worked on me, up to a point, I rarely give lindens to anyone, unless they show me exactly what they're needed for....
  4. Hi I'm Hal - say "Hello Hal" to start conversation........................................
  5. Prob. not new - but went to a "popular anim store" a few times today and each time I was immediately IM'd by an avie claiming I'd bumped them across the sim. The avie then got friendly, complemented me on my fine avie, shared some information about his/her previous SL account - bad boyfriend etc, and finally, after 5 mins, asked me for L$250. Naturally, I refused, then noticed that this avie had never actually replied or acknowledged anything I had typed during our "conversation" and I wondered if this was just a bot, carrying on a canned IM session. Anyways, went back later, and got IM'd by the same avie, same message, I had fun for a while, pasting their previous IM sentences into my IM before he/she/it typed it. Eventually, somebody actually started responding to my fooling around, claimed that they were doing nothing wrong and that they had 75K IM conversations going at the same time, and only noticed my comments because he/she was checking in to see how much money they had made. He/she also claimed the store owner was fine with this scheme - I don't believe that. Anyways, I'm rarely on the forums so sorry if this subject has already been beaten to death........
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