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  1. I have a university (graduate level) course I am teaching this quarter on Program Planning. I am attempting to introduce the class to Second Life. I would like to have the class take a tour of a hotel in Second Life, and given a tour by an individual experienced in Event Planning both in Second Life and non-virtual world. Any recommendations?
  2. Group Tag? I am not familiar with group tags. How do I obtain a group tag?
  3. It does not have no scripts. But something I just noticed is that it says no building or rez on this land. I have been building and rezzing a lot. I wonder if that has something to do with it.
  4. Purchased a product in the SL Marketplace, it does not appear to be working (Whiteboard). What now? I need this whiteboard for my graduate online course January 15, 2013. I am testing SL to see if it is a viable tool for my online courses. So far I am not impressed. This is the second product I have purchased in the Marketplace that seems to not work. Help!
  5. I keep receiving a message that my parcel is full. But, I have deleted almost everthing in the space!
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