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  1. Thank you. Maybe I shoud contact goldtoken and ask them the question directly but I don't know how to do so.
  2. Hello, I purchased a magic fishing rod 10 years ago and I wonder if there were a way to resell it ? Thank you
  3. Hi, everyone. I wonder if it is possible to use fonction "llTeleportAgent" to be teleported toward random locations from a list. I found out the fonction "llListRandomize", do you think there're possibilities to use this one with "llTeleportAgent" to create a such script? Cordially.
  4. Merci pour cette réponse :-)..mais bon je vois pas vraiment comment utiliser ca avec llTeleportAgent. Oui, je vais voir sur les forums en anglais. Merci encore en tout cas!
  5. S' il vous plait, personne n'aurait rien qu'un tout petit debut de réponse, un indice à me donner?
  6. Bonjour, je souhaiterais savoir s'il y existe un script qui puisse générer des landmark de téléportation aléatoire. En fait, je sais que ce script existe mais je ne le trouve nul part. Je le sais car je gagne quelques linden avec le fish hunting de goltoken et ils ont des HUD qui permette de se téléporter de manière aléatoire vers différentes emplacements de pêche. C'est justement une alternative a leurs HUD que je recherche car quand je veux me téléporter vers une localisation avec, je clique dessus et le lien s'affiche dans la barre de conversation mais comme il y a souvent des personnes qui parlent en même temps dans cette barre et bien le lien défile très vite. Donc le script que je recherche devra me demander directement l'autorisation de téléportation vers la destination choisie au hasard sans passer par la barre de chat. Avez-vous des suggestions, svp? Cordialement.
  7. Hi people. Thank you for all your answers and sorry if I'm in the wrong forum can someone move this thread on technical forum, maybe? And sorry for the answer delay I was very busy this week. So, I firstly tried to touch my rod by placing it in the HUD but the script wants it to be in the right hand to work (to be cast) and it seems this script is not accessible and not editable. Secundo, I tried the code "/1 cast" in the chat but nothing happened. I was already downloaded firestorm but this simulation viewer crashes regularely in my pc. I finally tested "right click on rod/Edit/right click on rod again/touch" and that's work. So I think this solution is enough for now. Thank you again!
  8. I don't really know if I'm in the good session but I'll maybe buy a new pc that has a intel HD 4000 graphic card. Is this compatible with Second life ?
  9. Hello everyone, I'd like to know if it is possible to touch our own objects from inventory or the object profile? If is there a script that can do that? Because I'm a fisher from goltoken and most of the time my avatar is not static with his arms so he moves the rod a lot and therefore it is difficult to touch this one. Cordially.
  10. when I paste it doesn t show as a hyperlink. The link comes from a cone traffic and appears in the chat window when I touch one of these cones.
  11. My question is in the title. For those who don't know Lumiya, it is a replication of second life viewer on android. I can teleport my avatar from a landmark registered in the inventory but I didn't find how to do this from a link.
  12. Since several days, the graphics in second life from my account are without colors, all the window is violet. I saw that my graphic card configuration was automacally gone to a weak configuration because my graphic card is probably not updated ( this message appeared when I connected with the virtual world) , so secondlife most recent version is too heavy to support. But I checked and my graphic card is up to date. I therefore wish to know what is the reason of this reconfiguration?
  13. I've got issues to start second life. When I open a second life window, it get out and a crash logger message appears. I recently installed a new version for second life, can it be due to that? How to solve that issue please.
  14. Can we sell L$ we a free basic account? Can we systematically sell them we a premium account?
  15. How many avatars can we have in all?
  16. I have a problem to sell my lindens, my avatar is not correctly assessed by risk-API. How to solve that issue? What is risk-API? I'm waiting for your answer thanks.
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