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  1. Thank you both for you advice
  2. To hangout with more that are laid back,Fun, Have new places to go clubs or what ever :)' I'm 21 & a guy so 18+ please Girls or Guys doesnt matter
  3. Where i can Go in on my own time and be paid hourly because of how random RL is. Name - Chaoskriz Age - 50 Days old. Gender - Male. I know Its a hard job to look for but i cant work at set times because of RL. Would love any Help,tips,ideas.
  4. I'm a Little more then 2 weeks old I'm Looking for a store greeter/model job for money and experience this is what i have to offer. NOON Shape Elliot Shape {1,400L} DNA Skin {1,200L} Skin I'm out going and try to get along with everyone I can work alot. PM me in wolrd if interested ChaosKriz
  5. I have Voice Enabled And the Volume one for it. its not muted on SL or my computer but I cants the dots over peoples heads or hear them and have no idea what to do to fix it anyone have any advice?
  6. Im new to sl and its kinda boring with out friends I tend to get along with Punk people goth people rocker people I get along with girls more but Guy or Girl is fine to me.
  7. Things I'm Looking for Bloodlines Related Looking for a Vampire clan thats kinda like Underwolrd,Queen of the damned, and so on. With a castle and to where were all like a family, but still have like a hierarchy going on. Oh yeah I'm new to sl not a vampire yet and still have my soul. and i am 18+
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