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  1. Just wanted to know where I could find that at. Imnot sure when my next payment is actually due.
  2. Ah thank you! Yes, there's something in my house that's causing my avatar to walk like that. Thank you so much. After 3 hours I can finally walk in peace again.
  3. Sadly, that didn't work. It kinda stops every now and then. I looked to see if there was any objects attached but there's nothing.
  4. Hm..No See. I was wearing my Original AO. Then I opened the empty Hud and inside the folder was something called mens walk, it was a object. So I wore it, and I walked then it did that weird walk. So I took it off. And deleted the folder. Now a fw hours later it started to do the walk, then it would stop. Then it happened more, until now, which I walk like that completely. With or without a AO on. So I resetted my Hud, and it wet back to normal, then after a few seconds it started again. So I changed my AOs, and it also did it on that one, and the next. Until I tried all my AOs and all of them have that walk. So I tried firestorm to se eif it was just second life, and it does that on there too. So I went back and deleted the Folder from my trash. But nothing worked.
  5. Oh that AP was a typo. AO I mean. I re-opened my Original AO Box, and I deleted the Funny walk.
  6. Yes, I resetted the scripts, and then I re-opened the box. when I did that it worked for the few couple of seconds. My friend logged into my account and tried it, and it works perfectly for her. So I'm not sure if it's something on my computer, or what.
  7. Well it all started when I was looking for huds, to make my own AO. It was one of them that I opened that had a walk in it, that was pretty stupid. Deleted it. So now all of my APs are walking like that. Maybe once and a while it'll do the orginial AO's walking animation, but the nit goes straight back to that awkward walk. there's nothing wrong with them, so im not sure whats going on. Any suggestions?
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