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  1. Thank you! The customer service for SL and the community response to help is a wonderful thing. I truly appreciate everyone's help!!
  2. Whirly Fizzle, Thank you so much for tracking down that answer. I guess the only option we have right now is to pay the google/bing price and then hope some brilliant SL member develops a good translator App Thank you for everyone that offered their help!! -Dustin
  3. Thank you, Parhelion. She was using the one in Firestorm. And then we purchased one last night to see if that would help. I wonder if there is a way to clear it, since it seems to have reached some kind of limit (quota). Odd that we've been using it for a year with no issue, and then all of a sudden it just seems to have stopped.
  4. My wife has been using the translator for the last year, and we have had no issues. However, as of yesterday it has stopped working properly. Now it doesn't translate in main chat anymore and we get this error: TranslateApiException: IP is over the quota : ID=1116.V2_Json.Translate.5AE1CDB Does anyone else have this issue? And any ideas on how to resolve it? Thank you, -Dustin