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  1. When I log onto SL, my password is automatically supplied, because it's saved somewhere. The same happens when I log into the website--again, the password has been saved somewhere. But now I find that I cannot buy Lindens because my credit card is past its expiration date, so i need to change it (the expiration date has been extended by 3 years). To do that, I have to give my password, and I can't remember what it is. It must be on my hard drive somewhere .... but where? FWIW, I use Phoenix
  2. I tried to pay some money to a friend but I stupidly paid it to someone with the same first name and a similar last name. If that person were active in SL, I would politely ask him to give the money back and, if he didn't, I'd simply write it off with regret. But it appears to be an inactive account, which means those 3,830 Lindens will possibly sit there forever without ever being used. Is there any chance that LL might return the money to me? I know it's a long shot, but I have to ask.
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