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  1. I am looking looking for a job as a dancer, host, model, manger, or photographer. I currently have a small studio when it comes to photography, and I'm currently looking for clients, so if you're looking for a photographer, I'm your girl! I've also worked as a dancer, host, model, and manager. I'd also be willing to do other work; Escorting (Text, no cam or voice), I'd work in a school, I could work as a counsellor, substitute, etc. Anything and everything - I'm a quick learner and I'll be willing to try anything. Please contact me inworld -st0mp resident.
  2. I am a new photographer just starting out. So my prices are pretty cheap - Please IM me inworld for a notecard with prices. Please check my flickr for a few examples: http://www.flickr.com/photos/91443218@N06
  3. I'm willing to work in a studio, or take clients, since I have a studio of my own, please contact me in world for prices, I do profile pictures, themed photoshoots, Weddings, Family portraits, etc. - Scarlet (st0mp Resident)
  4. I'm looking to expand my portfolio. No, you do not get paid, but you'll get your profile picture taken for free and edited with photoshop, just as long as i can put it on my website: http://scarletswebphotography.webs.com/apps/photos/ Please contact me inworld if you're interested, Scarlet (st0mp)
  5. Hello, I have experience in dancing, as a sales rep and some modeling. I would prefer not to work in a club or do any escorting. I would like a job doing either modeling, or as a sales rep; I am willing to learn something different also. please contact me inworld if you're interested. Thank you :) Scarlet (st0mp resident)
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