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  1. Hi, thank you for the insightful tips, it does make sense I'm not really on the combative side of RP but I'll try the sims you suggested.
  2. Listening and watching have been the routine for me for the past few days as well. Would love to collaborate soon, and hoping to come up with some RP'ing
  3. Are there any RP sims out there that focuses on RP'ing humans vs. ghosts/zombies/psycho killers? I'd like to RP more on the realistic side of things e.g. a serial killer on the hunt for his next victim, police officers involved and such.. or a family living in a haunted house where strange things happen and they discover a horrifying mystery. On another note, I've done some RP'ing but basically still new. I learn fast and could come up with good storylines and ideas so if you're looking to find an RP partner, or if you want to recruit me in your group/clan/tribe, I would very much welcome it. Send me an IM inworld or post here. Carpe Diem!
  4. Thanks, this looks cool. I'll check it out.
  5. alexiarocks


    I'm usually good-spirited but I'm pretty reserved around strangers. With close friends I can be really outgoing. I love to explore places here in SL but would love to have a few people or could be a group of people I can regularly spend time with. I love beaches, art galleries and nature. I'm open to anyone who wants to hang out, gender or age doesn't matter, just be someone sane.
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