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  1. Oh and its also the relevance list that has been affected as well - Same exact thing happening there. My item was also at the top of the relevancy list. Now it is not even on the page. since you mentioned that...
  2. What I am complaining about ? First of all I am not complaining about my so called "griefer" items that are 20 L Im complaining mainly about my invisibility cloak which was the number one selling item I have sold hundereds of them at 400 L. Since it has gone down the list I have sold alot less so I don't believe your formula is correct sir. At any rate it doesn't matter because LL states that the only reason they even alow freebies to exist is to get people interested in looking at their store. Otherwise they wouldn't allow it at all since they don't make any MONEY off of freebies. LL is a corporation and their sole purpose is to make money so doing this simply makes no sense to me. Your logic can be seen to be false by simply noticing how much the freebies are going up the list SINCE they changed things. I have watched items that were previously hard to find because they were freebies all of a sudden selling more and the proof is watching each one come up the list. And the more they come up the list the more they are seen and the more they sell. Common sense pal. I know this from experience. Another troll who thinks he knows everything...
  3. This is absolutely ridiculous. I had the number one best selling item in the weapons category and now it is plummeting off the page along with everyone else's items. First page is now filled with freebies. I am sorry but I have to agree that it is quite unfair (and stupid) for LL to do this if it's not some kind of glitch. The reason it is stupid is because I cannot imagine how much money LL is losing on those comissions and fees and listing enhancements that we pay to put our stuff up there. And as was said before, high quality items that people put their blood sweat and tears into, running entire businesses off of are being eaten alive by 0 L$ items that people were using to promote their STORES (which is what LL says the purpose of freebies is) or by items that are a few old prims slapped together with a 2006 script that only half works. Linden Labs is doing real damage to people's REAL LIVES with this one and residents are NOT seeing the nicer high quality items that they really want.:matte-motes-angry: This is no joke.
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