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  1. Like I said, Microsoft Visual C++ isn`t the answer to the problem, Sara!
  2. 1. I don`t think that file was really the solution to my problem. Because the error was still there after I put in the FS folder that file. And you can`t install a .dll file. Who told you, you can install such files? You can execute (install) only the .exe ones! And as I said, the link you provide here doesn`t give a valid download link to that .dll file it only redirects me to download the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package MFC Security Update which is preety much useless for me, since I already have that package and it doesn`t need any repairs because it isn`t broken!!! So please, read carefully what I typed and please understand that. Again, the link you provided redirects me to download the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package MFC Security Update not the MSVCP100.dll file!!! 2. I didn`t insulted anybody. I was sarcastic and a bit annoyed that your solution didn`t solved my problem. 3. I installed the x32 Bit and now FS works perfectly. 4. Since my problem isn`t MSVCP100.dll related, your solution can`t help me!
  3. Well this is really a nice and clean answer! Thank you Coby (and Obvious, even thus downloading a program which I don`t understand anything and can`t solve my problem is preety much useless for me)! I`ve downloaded the x32 Bit version and now my Firestorm works PERFECTLY! Thank you so much!!! I really liked the x64 Bit one because the instalation window was really neat!!! And I want to notice something really strange... the previous Firestorm (Beta) version worked on x64 Bit on my PC, I wonder why the new one can`t work on x64 Bit?
  4. I`ve download that file (from here: http://www.dllme.com/dll/download/5494/msvcp100.dll), I copy-paste it in the Firestorm folder but it didn`t solved the error. I still encounter same error.
  5. 1. "Obvious" is really your name. I wasn`t rude (by calling you a doctor,lol). Sarcastic... yes, rude... nope. 2. "Nobody here is psychic [...]" Well, I wasn`t really, looking for people with psychic powers because I don`t want to speak with the dead ones, LOL... I only was looking for people like you, like me, like everyone else who use this wonderfull viewer called Firestorm (I`m not sarcastic here) and who downloaded the version I did today, who encountered the same problem I encountered myself and who (probably) found a solution to this stupid error but is cleary that you`re not that kind of person I mention of!!!
  6. Thank you Dr. Obvious. My question weren`t how to solve this problem? (beside installing the x32 version)???
  7. I`ve went to the http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=26999 (the microsoft link from the so called "solution" you gave), I`ve repaired both Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package (the x64 and x86 ones), couldn`t install the ia64 one (is not supported by my PC). Guess what happened? Exactly, NOTHING. You say this "If it`s dll then probly this MSVCP100.dll is Missing" well guess what? I don`t have that error ("The program can't start because MSVCP100.dll is missing. Try reinstalling to fix this problem") as you can see, from the image, I posted, earlier!!! And even if my MSVCP100.dll is really missing, why you don`t gave the EXACTLY download link to be able to download this file, instead of "repairing" my unbroken Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package???
  8. So, you say to use Dependency Walker to find the problem, but the problem is that this little program DOESN`T SCAN, I must MANUALLY select the .exe file. And after it founds the problem what should I do? because is cleary that this program doesn`t solve this error. I will install the x32 Bit, till they fix the x64 Bit version, even if my PC is on x64 Bit not on x32. Thank you for the reply anyway.
  9. Freya, I think I can answer to at least some of you`re questions (since I`m not using RestrainedLove Viewer anymore) 1. Basic Shaders (I never changed the graphic settings in any viewer I use). 2. Second Life 3.6.4 (28915) Aug 25 2013 15:34:14 (RestrainedLove viewer v2.08.05.04 ( - OpenGL Version: 3.1.0 - Build 3.Graphics Card Vendor: Intel - Graphics Card: Intel® HD Graphics 3000 - Windows Graphics Driver Version: 9.17.0010.3347 4. Nope, they are costumes. 5. Yes, I own these items. 6. I don`t know. Define "pluging" and "non-standard scripts" when it comes to SL. 7. HatorHomeworld, Sarah Sanctuary, Silenced 8. Mostly Dehaila Multirelay (sorry for any misspellings) but also OpenCollar 9. No. They are from different creators. 10. No. The restrictions are only on the toy/costume I use/wear. 11. Yes. The locked costumes/toy made me crash every time or if someone use the Immersivity HUD on me. 12. No. I haven`t seen any of those. 13. See answer #11. 14. Sorry, I don`t know how to access the console log files.
  10. Well since using some toys (well, to be honest they weren`t quite toys, they were costumes), my RestrainedLove Viewer (by Marine Kelly) crashed every time I put them on or every time I spen some time with them on. What toys/costumes? Well, the ones that locks you up (that`s why I use RLV, right?), such as the NEW BANE suit from Hators Homeworld or the Infectiious Pony costume or the BunnehBust costume... Those kind of costumes crashed my RestrainedLove Viewer every time I spen wearing them. Yes, since RestrainedLove Viewer is such a crappy RLV viewer (I explained why in the previous posts... and was driving me crazy, honestly speaking) I finally decided, (with heart sinking) to use the Firestorm Beta which I really must say that is a HUGE difference from the RestrainedLove Viewer. Is much more stable then it and has some additional features that the RestrainedLove Viewer doesn`t have, so I`m quite happy with it (even if I wish for a little more features, but that`s another story...). The problems still persists for the people outhere, that still using the RestrainedLove Viewer. I really wish to be more stable. I really hate the fact that is so dam buggy. I really hope Marine Kelly (it`s creator) should take more care about this viewer because if wasn`t the crashing, this viewer isn`t that bad after all!
  11. So, I`ve tried to upgrade my current Firestorm from the Beta to the fresh released version Firestorm (Windows - SL & Opensim 64bit). The problem consist in the fact that after I uninstalled the old version (with deleteing the folders releated to it) and after I installed the new version, when I tried to open Firestorm, it appears this error: For anyone who doesn`t know my PC Hardware configuration (I`ve posted it in a previous post of mine), here it is: I mention I use an HP Pavilion g6 Notebook, Procesor Intel Core i3-2310M CPU 2.1GHz, 4Gb RAM, Intel HD Graphics Family 2838 Mb memory and Radeon HD 6470M.
  12. If the above solutions doesn`t work, you can always use "Stop All Animations". Here are the links to get it: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Stop-All-Animations/3866183 (1L$) or https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/super-stop-animation-balloon-tiny-version/5046521 (0 L$).
  13. For Firestorm Viewer -> Preferences -> Firestorm (General tab) -> Check the "Allow Remote Script Viewers Controls (RLVa)" box (the first box)-> Apply -> Ok.
  14. Well I posted as much information I could about my issue. If you don`t understand why my RLV crash when I use some "toys" and if you can`t help me, that`s your problem. If you can help me fine, of not, don`t even bother posting. Exodus doesn`t support RLV since Beta 9. Thank you for other suggestions, anyway.
  15. What viewers are like RLV (with simillar UI)? I heard that some viewers don`t rez properly my avatar so I don`t know what viewer beside Firestorm (which I don`t like) I should install so I can use the RLV features. Anyway, nobody knows why my RLV crashes sometimes?
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