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  1. yes the internet cable and the tv works
  2. Hello since a moment I cannot go any more on sl because at the end of a few minutes my WiFi crash and I have to relaunch my internet box and nothing changes whether it is with firestorm that I usually use or with the restrained life viewer and even the normal viewer. Already I am sure that it does not come from my pc because I just got a new one
  3. bonjour depuis un moment je ne peut plus aller sur sl car au bout de quelques minutes mon wifi crash et je dois relancer ma box et rien ne change que ce soit avec firestorm que j'utilise habituellement ou avec le restrained life viewer et même le viewer normal. deja je suis sure que cela ne vient pas de mon pc car je vien de le changer et rien n'a changer
  4. Hello I bought the t&t belt and I want the stimulation control plug-in but I don't know how to choose between the Xcite and the sensation **bleep** can you help me?
  5. Really? because before it was not fuzzy on edge
  6. i have a rubber pony set it work fine but when i restrict the vision i have this http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2qs2x3l&s=6 is a bug or i need a special hud?
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