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  1. NGL. I didn't even go back and read the replies until my sister mentioned something. She found a guy so quick, I forgot that I put it up. Nice to see the responses though? I feel like some of you were just saying things...commenting just to feel important? Special? So...you know..you're acknowledged. For all those in the business of judging...ok? You judged us? Like what is the point? Feel better? Anyways. K Thx Bye
  2. My sister is lonely and looking for someone other than me to spend her Second Life with. We own a store together and I am a workaholic. She is not. She wants someone to cuddle with, love on and love her back. She's on SLT and on most days. She speaks english and a little french. Honestly, she's great. She's my twin and I am bias. Her name is Sachiko Shimada (Cherry.Zwilling) She likes: Roleplay, Clubs, Shopping, Dancing. Ultimately, she wants a family. Kids, a pet..that whole thing. Message her in-game or reply to the forum post. The sooner I find her someone to hang out with or start a relationship with, the sooner I can go back to working.
  3. Are you a foxie girl, or a kitty girl and want to be petted and loved on. Seijaku Hwasung (Jebbers12 Resident) is looking for someone like that to take home. Contact him for more information.
  4. Got a short story you wrote? Maybe an erotic poem or some fan fiction? I'm looking for people who have some original works laying around, or maybe they just want to write something new. Contact me inworld for more details. Sashiko Resident
  5. Wandering around sl...looking for a new avenue in my roleplay. Need a live in nanny? Want a blood doll to keep close, pet on, cuddle with and feed off of? lol Gorean contract woman? Need a doctor? Maybe a slave in a fantasy setting? idk...up for most things that require you to be female. Drop me a notecard or message me inworld. Not likely to respond here though. Komasu (Sashiko Resident) 
  6. HI! Thanks for reading this. I will get straight to the point: I am a clothing designer. Mainly I design Omega Appliers (For Mesh Bodies), Appliers for Maitreya Mesh Bodies and Appliers for Standard/Classic Avatars. What I am looking for: Event Venues/Club Owners who are looking to hold SPONSORED events in their club/venue in conjunction with myself. How it would work: 2x a month. I would SPONSER an event at your club/venue. I would cover the event theme as well as the prizes for the contest/event. These events would coincide with releases of my themed outfits. All members of your staff and the venue owners would recieve free copies of the outfits that inspired the event theme. What I would want from you: Members of your staff on the night of the event will wear the designs that inspired the theme of the evening. During the event a promotional board will be rezzed at your venue. You, your clientele and your employees will have a fantastic time. Sound like something you want? Message me or Notecard me inworld for more information: Aphyonrosin (Sashiko Resident)
  7. With all of my creating, I just don't have time to blog. Looking for a few good bloggers to do the blogging for me. I design female clothing that is Omega Applier Compatable, Maitreya Applier Compatable and Standard Avatar Compatable. Please keep these things in mind. *Active Blogs (The more frequent the post the better) *Syndicated *Clear Quality Pictures *Pay will be discussed inworld Please contact Aphyonrosin (sashiko residnent)
  8. Hello Everyone, Thank you for looking at my post. Im looking for employment, as it seems that many here are. I have had plenty of experience and refrences upon request. I am looking for employment in the following fields, all of which I have ample experience in. Management Event Manager/Coordinator Personal Assistant Writer/Critic Live in Nanny/Maid Professional Companion Or any other field with decent pay and steady work. I am a quick study and fairly adaptive. If you are looking for an employee please, send me a notecard inworld. Aphyonrosin (Sashiko Resident)
  9. Geisha Dreams did a few Gacha events in the past that I missed. I am hunting down the kimono from those events. For example there was an event, the FGC in 2014. A while ago I know that had kimono there. If anyone has any from those events or other events please. I am after them. Message me inworld. -Sashiko Resident
  10. I, like everyone here I suppose am looking for some great and fulfilling roleplay. I am looking to fill just about any role that someone might need. I would like to find roleplay in a place that is perhaps busy and not always empty. There are some great and beautfiful sims out there; they just lack people and I like most enjoy being where the people are. Right now my character is a young asian woman having an abundace of experience. (I have re-worked her a few times to fit into different roleplays). I have had plenty of expereince in the Gorean setting, Roleplaying as a contract woman. Though, it is very difficult to find someone these days that actually want a contract woman and not a slave; in Gorean RP anyway. I enjoy family roleplay, whether it is traditional or non-traditional. Or, if it is fantasy or non-fantasy. Need a consort, or an apprentice or a progeny? I can do that too. I am open to all sorts of Roleplay. As long as it is active and fulfilling. Not so good at roleplaying as an animal. Sorry lol. But, if anyone has anything. Please feel free to Notecard me or IM me. Thanks (Sashiko Resident) Kojako
  11. What I am looking for is a mesh clothing designer capable of making custom kimono, from simple everyday wear to hizakuri and furisode. If you would be interested in such an opportunity, please message me or note card me in world. Kojako (sashiko resident)
  12. Are you a gacha reseller/yardseller? Please IM me and buy my extra stuff! Thank you Sashiko Resident
  13. Hello Everyone, First off let me thank you for reading this thread! Hopefully this will be right for you. What I am looking for is simple. I want to start a cooalition of a few new designers or a few old ones who want to work together under one brand producing quality items for the public. The designers will keep their individual personalities and artistic integrity, but all of the designs will be under the same label. Doesn't that sound fantastic? Think of it as a Fashion House. Each designer is unique, some create gothic style clothing, others roleplay intensive and still others create high fashion. So, why can't one name represent all of that? Will their be a quota? Yes! In order for this to function each designer within the label must be able to produce (2) new outfits a week. Thats not too hard...is it? Will there be set prices? No! You can request that your design for the label be set at a certain price. Who owns the label? The label will be divided up in shares, much like the shares of a publically traded company. That way the 'say' can be as fair as possible. How will I make money? Thats easy! You will make money based off of the designs that the label sells. As a cooalition all of the designers will be working towards one goal. Making profits. Interested? Have questions? Please leave a nc with Sashiko Resident
  14. Hello all. I am looking for a talented artist to do a commision for me. Please message me inworld for details. Sashiko Resident
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