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  1. A couple of years? That's awesome, because I'm going to get a gaming desktop in that time anyway specifically for SL. Thanks!
  2. yeah I customized it to be 32 gb of ram which is good lol. I'm primarily using it for video editing, hope it won't interfere with SL use. I'm happy it's above the requirements though! That means I can play SL again! Thank you!
  3.  Is this enough for SL? I am aware of the requirements page, however, the graphics card this has is not mentioned and I'm unaware if it is equal, less or greater to the required type (because it isn't mentioned). Thank you in advance. Also, what graphics card should I get if this is wrong and how often does it need replacing for SL?
  4. I said she was fat because i wanted to know of u thought it was fat.. if i said it was. Cute youd say its ugly or whatever... or call it an invisible pony rider etc... just was wondering is the big hip, frowny face avi with. Big boobs supposed to be. Pretty?
  5. How would I hear anything if we're not talking? We're typing.....
  6. First of all, that avi was from am image search i found. Secondly im not a troll, and third of all i am just asking a question so if u have a problem with me asking ab out avatars just DONT comment.
  7. http://punkisfashionpassion.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/41.jpg So is fat with frowny face cute? ):
  8. What do you personally look for in an avatar? Post pics or even explain what Of skin, hair, etc you like on a male or female avi
  9. What do you personally look for in an avatar? Post pics or even explain what Of skin, hair, etc you like on a male or female avi
  10. i use regular viewer and i am completely stripped down bald and everything i detached everything.
  11. yes, on the alt i can teleport it must be my account but how do i teleport?
  12. I uninstalled and reinstalled. Nothing. I asked my bf to log on to my account thru his computer he did and even he couldn't teleport. So it's not my computer. I did everything here: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Landmarks-teleporting-and-SLurls/ta-p/700123#Section_.1a IT STILL doesn't work! I love SL why can't I teleport anywhere? I am forced to use Webkinz, do you know how horrible that is?!
  13. I have a cat one but are there any kitten ones? Thank you. Preferabbly mod.
  14. Mesh plz I'm not going to get into why I want it... except it means a lot to me. A hell of a lot. I am willing to pay a lot because it means so much to me. This is the avatar, the girl in the purple dress: Here is a picture of it: Here is the avatar moving, she appears for a few seconds refresh the page to keep seeing her: http://www.meez.com/profile.dm?uid=32635378 you can drag it to see different angles too. For this I will pay a lot.
  15. Let me be clear, I am building a castle and have a large amount of the front part done. I linked it to save my work. Now I am trying to do the sides and it says it's too fart apart, but it's only one object. Heres a picture to show what I'm talking about: How do I stop this problem, I want to continue making it.
  16. OK FINE. Everywan instead of the shirt what is d shape?
  17. The shirt plz & pawsibly the tattoo
  18. Thank you guys so much, i found it with your help. And that blog is funny ^
  19. What kind of hair is this? v
  20. Found it much appreciated so much saved me so many more hours of searching
  21. I LOVE YOU lol I just need to find it in the marketplace >_<
  22. Similar but not the same. I have been searchyn for a whyle and not find it. mayB is complete avutar?
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